Visual Business Plan

Visual business plans are one of the great ways I love to do my planning.  

I am a very "visual" person and if you're like me, you'll love to see your ideas in color! It helps me to differentiate a "black and white" world into a variety of organized parts and pieces!

. . . and this may be a better way to encourage you to do your business planning!  

Are you creative?  Does your business plan get you excited and "speak" to you? 

If not, it may be time to pull out the art supplies and go to work making your own unique business plan.  A picture is worth 1,000 words and several pictures can speak volumes about you, your business, and your future.

Using a more creative approach still utilizes the basic business plan elements and thought processes we've discussed regarding the Business Planning Process.    

Basically the difference between a visual business plan and a written plan is the use of a more fluid format along with different types of lively papers, colorful post-it notes, and/or brilliant markers.

You can put these on your wall or keep them on a bulletin board where you can refer to them quickly and often to keep on track as to your goals and where you're headed.  There are basically no limits to the creativity you can have with your visual business plan.

My one caution, of course, is don't get so caught-up in the "creative" colorful part that you forget about the reason you're doing the exercise -- to plan your business.

The colors are to "help" you plan -- not slow down the thinking/planning process.  Stay focused on the task at hand . . .

Visual Business Plan -- Thought Process

Below are some of the variations of the visual plan for your to think about -- again, there's no right or wrong way to plan. It's just important to think about the following:

  1. Why you're doing what you're doing?
  2. What you are going to do for your customers?
  3. How you're going to do it?
  4. How you will differentiate yourself from your competition?
  5. Where you will physically locate your business?
  6. What are the trends associated with your business?
  7. What resources are needed to make your business successful?

Of course, this type of planning works for personal and small business visual facilitation of ideas.  

If you intend to seek financing, Bankers will want the sterile business plan in black and white on paper with all of the essential pieces -- see more Business Plan Templates.  Bankers don't seem to appreciate the creative business plans we're describing here (they are a very strict with their Business Plans -- LOL!)

N2 - Niche Notes

Niche Notes!!

A few variations I've used on the Visual Plan theme that may work for you:

1.  Get the large Post-it note poster paper and some colored markers.  Write different ideas or sections in the different colors to draw the eye to what's important!

2.  Grab my one-page visual business plan template and fill it out with different colored pens. 

3.  Use a variety of colors of post-it notes (small) and place them on the visual plan.  Move them as necessary!

4.  Grab some larger post-it notes and place your ideas on your wall.  Organize them by color/category.   Then as new ideas come up, you can move them around.  This is really FUN and gets your juices flowing!  Nothing is "set in stone" because it's all "moveable".   

5.  Place your visual plan up in your work area to keep you focused on your plans/goals!

6.  Like to Draw??   Then pull out your markers and have a ball!  Plan your success and strategy in color with an  artsy business plan -- see your Plan come to life! . . .

Have FUN!!

Give some of these a try and let me know if you come up with other creative planning methods -- i'd love to hear about other creative ways you do your planning -- what promotes your thought process!  :)

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