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Start a video blogger website (vlog) to share your artistic, hilarious, beautiful, or just plain crazy videos.  Do you have a terrific skill for taking or making terrific short videos?  You can become a vlogger (video blogger).  There are a variety of software platforms and social media sites to help you get started with your blog.  The current trend in websites is to include more video – humans love to see video (look at the popularity of television and movies).  Now the amateur and not-so-amateur video enthusiasts can share their skills and start an online business.

In order to incorporate your blog ideas into your video blog, you’ll need some advanced understanding of the internet, video technology, and operation techniques for your camcorder (or other technologies).  

Video Blogger Vlog

Do your own blog or find other businesses and professionals who are interested in your services. There are so many options to choose from -- one of my friend's son actually trained to do extreme sport video including snow skiing and snow boarding (his passion!)

Consider the needs and your interests when developing your blog business plan such as working with realtors, event planners, journalists, sports teams/professionals, sportsmen, nature lovers, pet lovers, parents of small children, etc. Put your imagination to work and become a video blogger with topics or hobbies of interest to you personally.  

Support your local team by featuring some of the players, coaches, or fans on your blog.  You’ll learn a lot more about the sport and become the expert on everything about your sport/team.  What a great service to your readers while you’re having fun learning about the sport you love.     

N2 - Niche Notes

Niche Notes!!

Video is good for everything – pick what you love and have a good time!  

1) children’s events/child camps.

2) pet videos for pet lovers.

3) realtor videos of homes on the market.

4) sports teams, professionals, and events.

5) outdoor sports (fishing, hiking, camping, biking, etc.)

6) extreme sports (rock climbing, downhill skiing, water skiing)

7) partner with an event planner to handle family events (weddings, reunions, prom, homecoming dances, etc.)

8) travel and vacation destinations.

9) videos for journalists to add to their websites. 

10) wildlife and nature shots.    

Video Blogger - What's It Take?

  • Video Fan
  • Skill in making various types of video.
  • Photography skills
  • Organization skills  

Resources: When you become a video blogger, purchase a quality camcorder and learn how to use it to make excellent quality video.  Research video editing software to make your artistic ventures capture the attention of your followers.   The internet and computer will be a must as it is for any internet business.  Wherever possible, use your current knowledge and interests to start your business and share what you already know how to do with your audience.     

Time Required:    Part Time 8-10 hrs/wk; Full-time 30-40+ hrs/week

Training: Taking video is a special art form and any coursework or practical experience you have will be extremely beneficial to the video blogger. It you don’t have a lot of formal training, talk to other experts, take courses offered by photographers/photo retailers, colleges/universities, etc.   You may also want to learn about editing software – what’s available, what it can do, and how to get the best quality for your blog.  

The last bit of practical advice I have is to make sure you know how to get all of your technical equipment to work together. Make sure to ask questions of other professionals prior to buying a product to make sure all of your hardware/software is compatible with one another.  Otherwise, you could spend a lot of valuable time dealing with incompatibility issues rather than working on the video projects you get paid to produce.  

Market:               Video watchers, Subject-Matter Experts (such as realtors)   

Home Based:       Yes

Internet:              Yes

Location:             Local, Regional, National, Global

Start-Up Costs:    $500 - $5,000

Minimizing Start-Up Costs:   As you start an online business, minimize costs initially by utilizing any existing equipment you have and identifying compatible freeware/shareware on the internet that can work to reduce your initial out-of-pocket expenses. Start off with areas of interest where you may already have a variety of videos to use and share on your blog site – this will start your blog growing and help get the word out about your capabilities.  Visit local networking events around your video topics/interest to let folks know about your vlog.  

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