Summer Business Ideas | 12 Ideas
to Start This Summer

Summer business ideas are here along with the warm weather and the beautiful sunshine come some interesting ideas to get started in your new business venture!!! :)

  • Do you like getting outdoors?
  • Enjoying the weather?
  • Like outdoor activities like camping, boating or kid's baseball games?
  • Like to beautifully maintain your yard?
  • Love to garden, cultivate your crops, and harvest them?
  • Do you enjoy children -- teaching, tutoring, or just playing?
  • Are you mechanical -- can you fix RVs, boats, and other sports mobiles?
  • What about pets? 

The increased family activities can create innovative summer business ideas to keep you outdoors, healthy, active, and helping your customers to enjoy their summer.

12+ Summer Business Ideas To Start Now!

Start a Soccer Camp -- so soccer is now the second largest sport in the U.S. (behind football).  Of course it's the top sport with all of the Soccer Moms and Kids!!  :) 

Summer is a perfect time to work with children of all ages to build their skills in this fun sport. 

And after the 2014 Brazilian World Cup being televised all over the world, your soccer business has had some terrific exposure and get kids psyched to build their soccer skills.  

Summer Business Ideas

Plant Flower/Vegetable Gardens -- assist homeowners with planting flowers and/or vegetable gardens.  You could provide ongoing maintenance to keep the gardens growing and weed free!!  These same customers may need fall yard work or snow removal when the weather changes.

Swim Instructor -- provide private swim lessons to teach childre valuable skills and give their parents a break for an hour or two. You'll need to be a certified swim instructor.  

Tutoring -- Here's a fun idea providing tutoring to kids who are out of school. This can help them build and maintain good solid skills for when they return to school in the fall (especially with math and science skills). You can work around your schedule and growth your clientele to continue your business all year long to help your students while they're in school.  

Weed Service -- sure there are companies who will mow your lawn or provide landscape services, but I have looked for someone who would just pull weeds and maintain their growth.  I've never yet found such a person . . . maybe this is YOU??

House Sitting -- there is more travel during the summer months with family vacations.  Keep your clients' homes from sitting empty. Provide additional services while they're away (e.g.  plant care, house cleaning, pet sitting, and dog walking.  Families will love coming back to a  clean home where the plants/pets are happy and healthy.

Recreational Vehicle/Boat Cleaning -- Summer brings out the "toys" which have been sitting all winter. Clean up and detail boats, RVs and ATVs before they hit the lake or road. Provide on-going services to clean them after they've been used so they're ready for the next adventure. 

Watercraft Repair -- Mechanically inclined?  Fix problems which can occur during a trip or a day at the lake.  These toys, such as recreational vehicle and boats, need servicing throughout the summer season providing many summer business ideas. There just aren't enough services during the summer, we've waiting several weeks to get something minor fixed on our RV because of the growing demand for these services.    

Start An Online Business -- summer is a great time to get started on an online business in order to provide some income for when you return to school or work in the Fall.

Shopping Service (especially in a vacation destination!) -- shop for food and essentials to "stock-up" condos, cabins, and vacation homes so your client's time can be spent on vacation and not in the grocery store.  I've used this type of service on my travels and it was wonderful to reach my destination with everything I needed already available. This service saved me a couple of hours after an already long travel day!

Cellphone Repair Service -- these little gadgets will continue to "break" throughout the summer.  Help family, friends, and vacationers in your area get their cellphone repaired and put some money in your pocket!

Dog Walking -- this is a terrific business to get started in the summer months.  Taking "Fido" and his friends for a walk, enjoying the outdoors, and helping him to stay fit 'n trim!  Loads of fun!  :)

N2 - Niche Notes

Niche Notes!!

Summer business ideas gives you the opportunity to try out your business idea and experiment by adding additional services.

1)  Provide meal preparation (use local home-grown produce for a fresh and healthy taste!) to try out different recipes for your food truck business idea.

2)  Focus on kids activities and start your child camp business utilizing local parks.

3)  Offer guided tours to local attractions for groups such as families, kids clubs, outdoor enthusiasts, or even micro brew fans.  Each locality has its own unique attractions and sites.

4)  Live near a college town?  Provide visiting students and their families a personal tour of your city to give them a great insiders perspective of your community, show them fun hang-outs, and give them a terrific 'homecoming'.  

Summer Business Ideas - What's It Take?


  • High level of customer service.
  • Great listening skills so you can tailor your services to each client.
  • Flexibility and comfortable with changing needs.  Your clients' lives are hectic and you may be taking some of the hectic activities out of their life.
  • Organization and time management skills.


You will need to research your summer business ideas to see what services are needed in your area.  Also, examine your passions and see what it is you really want to do as a business.  My passion ebook, which is available here, is a good place to start.

Time Required:

Can start business part time 10-15 hours per week, full time 30-40+ hours per week.

Home Based:  Yes, summer businesses are perfect as home businesses.

Start-Up Costs:  Minimal in most cases.  $500 will help with marketing and supply costs.

Minimizing Start-Up Costs:

Utilize your experience and tools you already have. Do an inventory of what is in your garage, household supplies, and personal "inventory". Start where you're at with your current knowledge, experience, and training. 

By the end of the summer, you may be surprised to find out your summer business idea may just turn into your full time business doing what you love to do!!  LOL!

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Here's an interesting infograph from Intuit on how the spring thaw impacts customers spending habits and specific industries.

"How Spring Thaw Affects Spending and Small Business (Infographic)"

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