Start Day Trading

Start day trading and incorporate your interest in the financial markets (stocks, bonds, options, futures) with your new business.  This is a great business for “geeks” who love to work independently, like to study analytical charts/graphs about various markets, and the ability to interpret the types of financial trends or forecasts which are occurring in the marketplace.  

To become a day trader, you’ll be investing money in the morning and (theoretically) selling everything purchased by the end of the trading day (limiting the market risk associated with having money in the markets overnight).    Your work hours will coincide with the stock market trading hours with market research being done outside of the market hours.  

Being a market trader is best for individuals who prefer to work independently without much social interaction, are very focused, and have the ability to be laser focused on the very small details associated with a few different trades.

When you start day trading, it's very important to invest in continuous learning for yourself in order to develop your technical expertise, learn to recognize market patterns, and to research and understand sound financial strategies for your business.

Also assess how much capital you have to invest, what your risk tolerance levels are, and which system you will use (you'll want to master your system and be very comfortable with it prior to doing any actual day trading).  If you plan to handle the financial portfolios of others, make sure to check on licensing requirements.

N2 - Niche Notes

Niche Notes!!

The market is full of various types of investments – become a day trader and expert in areas you find interesting.

1) Stocks.

2) Bonds.

3) Commodities.

4) Futures.

5) Start day trading for your personal portfolio.

6) Find clients interested in your expertise and charge fees for your services.

7) Work with portfolio managers to identify good quality investments for their clients.

8) Use your internet research services to help identify terrific options for your trading business.

9) Share your day trading expertise and/or experiences in your day trading blog.

Allow yourself time to learn and grow in this interesting business. 

Start Day Trading -- What's It Take?


  • Financial/Analytical Skills
  • Advanced knowledge of the internet
  • Robust computer skills
  • Day Trading Software
  • Ability to develop and read charts/graphs
  • Organization Skills
  • Ability to work under pressure

Resources:   Computer, high-speed internet, day trading software

Time Required:   20-40+ hrs/week

Training:  Advanced computer, financial markets, day trading software, and internet skills

Market:  Personal investments, Individuals Who Wish To Invest In the Stock Market

Home Based:       Yes

Internet:              Yes

Location:             Geographic Flexibility (Local, Regional, National, Global)

Start-Up Costs:    $5,000 - $50,000+

Minimizing Start-Up Costs:  Start day trading with a good quality software program that’s up to the challenge of this type of investing – many quality companies will also provide some market training along with the software.   Educate yourself using “play” money while learning how your software works and to understand the markets you are specializing in.  Identify good quality online tutorials to help minimize initial losses which may put an end to your investment career.

As you become a day trader, start by practicing and comparing your overall performance with the key market indexes (just as you would if you were hiring a financial analyst), then move to very small trades to build your market knowledge, and finally study the trades intensely to determine the best course of action throughout the day.     

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