Start a Computer Repair Business NOW!

Put your aptitude to fix computers to work and start a computer repair business now! Do you have interest and aptitude in repairing computers? Here’s a terrific home business idea that’s going to be here for into the next century and beyond.

According to the Nielsen Company, 80% of households now own a computer – this is a terrific market for your business (look around your neighborhood and count 8 out of 10 houses and they are your market!)

Computer Repair Business Idea

This doesn’t even count the households like mine who have multiple computers – (at last count, I think we have six for two people – this includes desktops, laptops, tablets, and our cell phones!)

And then we need to consider all of the small businesses who cannot afford a full-time IT person to fix computers for them. And even better, the amount of household computers is continuing to rise due to extensive internet access.

In order to start a computer repair business, set-up a workshop area in your home where you have ample work space, where you can store a small inventory of often-used computer parts, and the tools you use to fix computers.

One of my business associates did start a computer repair business where he provides a one-stop shop for small businesses to help them with recommendations of specific equipment, services, and providers who will meet his client's needs based on a tight (start-up) budget.

What an awesome service since he has the connections and understands the equipment!!!

When his clients work through him, their initial computer set-up works right off-the-bat without hassles because they have his technical expertise to guide them through the computer services maize and he brings in the right people (if not him) to insure everything is set-up correctly the first time (saving them time and money). Plus his systems are set-up for growth and expansion! Maybe this can be you?

Your expertise will be welcomed by your customers who don’t know the difference between RAM and the hard drive, but want to get on the computer to do simple tasks such as email, surf the web, use Facebook, and play interactive games. Provide computer back-up service to your clients to protect their data and investment.

This business can be started in your home on a part-time basis until you get enough clients to go full-time.

You can specialize or be a generalist working on replacing/repairing hard drives, adding peripherals, and providing internet and anti-virus software. Your computer back-up service can be provided for an additional fee which will help you keep your customers safe from hackers or crashed systems.

N2 - Niche Notes

Niche Notes!!

1) Provide additional services such as troubleshooting internet and software problems.

2) Focus on repairing small electronic gadgets including smartphone, tables, e‑readers, MP3 players, etc.

3) Go mobile and visit your client’s home/work to access their computer (or work remotely to access their computer).

4) Specialize in cabling homes for electronics and televisions.

5) Provide your clients with computer back-up services, security and storage solutions,

6) Add consulting services to help individuals and small businesses to sift through the myriad of computer choices and provide functional solutions which will meet their needs – a “plug ‘n play” solution.

Start A Computer Repair Business - What's It Take?


  • Skill in repairing and maintaining desktop/laptop/tablet computers
  • Specialized knowledge of different computer parts and critical software programs
  • Experience fixing and setting up computers
  • Mechanical Skills
  • Organization Skills

Resources: Equip your work space with enough table tops to accommodate a variety of computers, a spot for housing a small parts inventory, and the tools required to repair the computers. Have software for tracking different jobs, schedules, and inventory. Determine how to calculate the costs associated with repairing computers to provide accurate estimates to your customers. Find sources for additional computer parts at wholesale prices which are readily available as the need arises.

Time Required: 5-15 hrs/week; can work full-time 30-40+ hrs/week

Training: Obtain training in the maintenance and learn to fix computers such as different desktops, laptops, and table computers. Determine if you’ll specialize in Apple or Windows based computers. Find a good source of resources including online, vendors, repair manuals, local parts stores, and technical colleges.

Market: Computer Owners/Users

Home Based: Yes

Internet: No

Location: Local

Start-Up Costs: $50 - $500

Minimizing Start-Up Costs: Start a computer repair business by identifying a space in your home for securing computers, organizing the parts, finding small containers to store tiny components, and the tools you need to fix computers.

Promote your services at local events, electronics stores, and networking functions.

Provide seminars to your clients, networking groups, or local recreation center to discuss computer care, the important of “back-ups”, and other computer related topics. Get referrals from other computer people who don’t specialize in the services you provide!

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