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. . . As this industry continues to experience tremendous growth (see the blog trends below), it's definitely an exciting business for you to consider as you plan to start your own business. 

How To Build A Profitable BLOG In 6 Months
with Ian Cleary & Kim Garst

Ian Cleary and Kim Garst (top social media bloggers according to Social Media Examiner) put on a terrific webinar on how to start a profitable BLOG.  This was terrifc content -- hopefully you got the opportunity to participate!!!   If not, below are some of the key points they shared.    

4 Steps to Started a Profitable Blog:

  1. Researching Your Competitors and Identifying Your Niche (something I talk about continuously here at Business-Ideas-Connection).  
  2. Creating Content That Attracts a Large Audience
  3. Building Profitable Relationships
  4. Building a Sales Funnel from Blog Plot to Revenue.
Blogging The Smart Way


Know your competitors -- do something better or from a different perspective.   

  • Always publish high-quality content. 
  • Answers your customers questions.
  • Better than your competitors.
  • Detailed posts with lists (numbers are great)!
  • Include images
  • Link to other relevant posts.

Create Quality Content - Content is King

  • Answer your customers questions
  • Make your content better than your competitors
  • Include images and infographs
  • Link to relevant posts

Build Relationships - Engagement is Queen (Mari Smith)

  • Make It About Your Visitors (not about you!)
  • Leave Comment On Blogs
  • Look for ways you can help others people's audiences
  • Network with others (both online and offline)

The Sales Funnel

  • People buy from those they trust
  • Provide value without expectation for reward
  • Have a servant based heart
  • Be Authentic!!

You can learn more from Ian Cleary at OR Kim Garst at

Suggested Resources

Identify your top competitors.   Very important to know who your competitors are and what they are doing.  

Resources:   (both paid and free versions)  Ian uses mostly the free version.   Provides a variety of stats and articles on your topic.   Another easy-to-use graphic design program for infographs.   $29/month    For WordPress folks -- all the SBI! business tools except the Blockbuilder website builder.  

Additional Resources I Like and Use   Another great image software -- I use this one consistently!!    A graphic design program for non-graphic designers.  Easy to use.    This terrific website/blogging system includes 80+ different tools including research, training, user forums, software for building a sucessfull online business.   $30/month or $299/year.   A terrific value for saving time, energy, and money.

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You can approach this a couple of ways -- either as a stand-alone enterprise or by adding a blog to another business idea you have and using your blog as an added services for your customers.

Let's explore a few simple definitions to help those of us who are not as technically savvy as others.

My intent here is to provide just a few basic definitions as a starting point for the layperson and obviously is not a full technical discussion of blogs and the technical complexities associated with them. 

This is in no way a full technical discussion of all the requirements and knowledge needed to develop a successful blog.

Blog a type of website (since everything on the internet is technically a website).  When you start a blog you'll be able to provide your perspective and expertise on a particular topic (niche) of your choice helping your readers understand your subject matter better. 

Blog Posts a blog post is an entry into your blog. Generally as you start your blog, each post is displayed in reverse chronological order to show the most recent post on the top.

Start A Blog

Archives – this is usually a section within the blog containing past issues and blog posts. Like many detailed websites, blogs may contain hundreds to thousands of pages and relevant pieces written by the author(s) and housed within the online filing cabinet.    

Comments – most blogs will use a section for an “online” conversation to encourage readers to participate and share their views and differences of opinion. Some blogs may be quite controversial because of the nature of the topics.

Start A Blog -- Ideas To Get You Started!

Blog Trends

Blogging Business Trends

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Blogging has grown steadily over the past five years and it appears from teh historical data . . .

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