Sports Blogging - Want to Earn Money?

Sports blogging may be your perfect home internet business allowing you to combine your love of sports with the enthusiasm you have for sharing your passion online with with others. 

Are you a sports enthusiast who's world revolves around your favorite sporting event or team?

Sports Blogger Denver Nuggets

There are so many sports blog ideas to capture and share with your followers – you can capture the team spirit and attention of other people who are just as enthusiastic as you are about your favorite sport.

Your blog will provide you with a fun outlet for getting in touch with other like-minded sports fans while you share your knowledge, skill, and love of your game.

Share information back-and-forth with your followers about the type of skill and strategy required for your Team to win the game or the championship title.   

Support your local team by featuring some of the players, coaches, or fans on your blog.

You’ll learn a lot more about the sport of interest to you and become the expert on everything about your sport/team!!  How fun is that???

What a great service to your readers while you’re having fun learning about the sport you love. 

Help your fellow sports fans find the sports gear they need to be successful, recognize sponsors, watch replay videos captured by you, and provide advertising for local businesses who follow your Team.  

N2 - Niche Notes

Niche Notes!!

We can really have FUN with these sports blogging ideas incorporating our love of sport:

1) football,

2) baseball,

3) basketball, (my personal FAV!)

4) soccer,

5) ice hockey,

7) in-line hockey,

8) specialize in women and men’s sports,

9) professional, college, high school, or little league.  

10) what about sports fashion -- how about the styles?

11) action video showing highlights!

12) share your terrific photos of the fans, players, and other memorabilia . . .

WOW – and don’t forget the mascots!  :)

Sports Blogging - What's It Take?


  • Sports Enthusiast
  • Knowledge of the game, players, mascots, etc.
  • Photography skills
  • Time management
  • Writing skills  
  • Knowledge of the internet

Resources: As you develop your sports blogging site, you’ll want to have a quality computer, access to the internet, and comfortable place to work (unless you’ll be working remotely from the ball field and then a bleacher will work just fine!)

Some of our local ball fields even have WiFi connectivity which will help with your blogging business.  Utilize your current knowledge of sports, share the passion of your team, and provide your knowledge about the strategy of the game to communicate with your audience. 

A good quality camera with a telephoto or zoom lens would be helpful to catch terrific action photos to share on your blog. 

There are a variety of choices when deciding which software you will use for your blog -- check out a variety of options on the internet to determine which one will meet your needs and is easiest for you to use.  

Sports Industry and It's Influence [Infograph]

Time Required:    Part Time 8-10 hrs/wk; Full-time 30-40+ hrs/week

Training: Of course, your sports blogging site will be enhanced with any training you have in your area of expertise as you write your blog. If you have had experience in the playing and/or coaching sports, this will come in very handy to share your personal expertise. 

Or maybe you’ve just studied the sport or your team over the years and have a wealth of knowledge in your head you can share with your fellow sportsmen (and women!)

If you need to brush up on your writing skills, head to your local community college or university for a journal writing class to get some practical hands-on writing assignments. 

If you don’t have a lot of practical experience using word processing types of software, the internet, or photography skill, you may want to also consider classes that will help you strengthen these skills also.

Market:               Sports lovers 

Home Based:       Yes

Internet:              Yes

Location:             Local, Regional, National, Global

Start-Up Costs:    $500 - $1,500

Minimizing Start-Up Costs:   As you start sports blogging, you can keep your costs to a minimum by using your existing computer and freeware blogging programs that are available on the internet. 

I also recommend you use your current knowledge about your sport or team and any existing digital pictures you already have that you can share with your followers.  

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