Some Additional Thoughts

by Jonathan

Make Money Blogging - Jonathan

Make Money Blogging - Jonathan

Cathy -- just want to thank you for sending the link to the webinar. I learned a lot about blogging that I wasn't aware of. Seems very helpful and answered some questions I'd been asking about getting started with a blog idea I have in mind.

So here's some additional thought and what I heard. Can someone clarify if I'm on the right path or not???

I heard Ian say we should use the buzzsmu and semrush sites to search for competitors in the area we want to write about, determine what they are doing, and how they are doing it?? Not exactly sure how to do this, but as I understand it from Ian, his point was to find a different approach on the topic and make it stand out in some unique way from what my competitors are currently doing?

Also, I was really excited about the sales funnel diagram Kim shared. Made so much sense -- I'm going to work on my blog and get my funnel in place.

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Aug 01, 2014
Starting A Blog - Practical Tips
by: Cathy

Jonathan -- Glad to hear the webinar was of value to you.

It seems you're on the right track with your ideas. As you plan and organize your new blog, find your own unique voice -- approach your topic from a personal perspective and make sure to help your readers understand why you have the knowledge and experience to write about your topic!

I've not used the tools Ian refers to (buzzsmu and semrush) since I have terrific tools on SBI!. However, I plan to dive into these tools and find out more about my competition. I'll only be using the free tools since the price is more per month for just these tools than I pay for ALL of the SBI! which includes hosting, training, forums, and 90+ tools.

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