Pet Food Delivery Business

Launch your pet food delivery business today using your current transportation.

This business can be very low-cost to start, begin with no inventory (take orders and fill), and you can begin part-time for extra cash while working another job or mix with your family obligations (e.g caring for your children). Also, consider combining a variety of services for your pet lover clients.

Your pet food delivery business can start immediately by talking to friends, neighbors, seniors, and co-workers about helping keep their pet food stocked and minimize the time required to make trips for “Fido” and “Bruno”.

Pets are BIG business today with 62% of U.S. households owning a pet.

Help your busy clients with “Bruno’s” requirements by providing them with the needed pet food (and add in doggie poop bags, etc.) so your customers can enjoy their fury friends without having to constantly run to the store. You’ll be saving them time and money.

Your pet food delivery business will thrive if you can identify the lowest cost pet products – you may want to check online and find out if there’s a way to buy in bulk to save on inventory costs.

Pet Food Delivery Business Idea

Consider taking your pet food delivery business on the go providing pet treats for “Fido” and “Bruno” while they play at the dog park, attending a 5K run with their owner, playing at the beach, or going to local pet-friendly outdoor events (like outdoor summer festivals/concerts).

You can have so much fun with this mobile business idea. Carry quality pet treats, doggie poop bags, squeeze toys, leashes, shampoos, and pet combs (for after “Fido” has his fun in the mud with “Bruno” – ha!)

This is what terrific pet business ideas are made of. Carry inflatable water dishes, water, and unique fun toys to play with at the park.

Remember your Pet Owners with something cool/hot to drink and maybe a pet book (Puppy’s First Year) for reading while “Fido” and “Bruno” are rolling around in the mud. . .

Don’t forget treats for “Whiskers” and fish food for “Goldy”.

N2 - Niche Notes

Niche Notes!!

Choose some of these ideas to distinguish yourself as a "go to" person your clients can rely on to provide a variety of services:

1) Take your camera along and get some good quality photos of “Fido” and package them (either digital, online, or prints) with other products for your pet owners,

2) develop a traveling food cart and meet up with dog owners at the dog park with special treats for “Fido”,

3) Package with a pet walking or poop scooping business,

4) Provide special treats for your client’s pets by making your own dog/cat treats.

5) Combine with personal shopping services and bring "Fido" his favorite shampoo, combs, and toys.

Pet Food Delivery Business - What's It Take?

  • Love of pets
  • Creativity in assembling on-the-go pet products
  • Organization Skills
  • People Skills & Good Communication Skills

Resources: Transportation – walking, bicycle, mobile cart, or automobile. Pet food and products inventory, payment method (consider some of the new credit card payment technology which works with your smart phone or tablet).

Time Required: 5-15 hrs/week; can work full-time 30-40+ hrs/week

Training: Skill in handling pets, Inventory management/tracking skills, ability to identify and sell pet products, consistency in being available to provide your pet products to your customers (it may take a little time for pet owners to become accustom to contacting you – follow-up regularly to help them with their needs).

Market: Pet owners

Home Based: Yes

Internet: No.

Location: Local

Start-Up Costs: $100 - $1,000

Minimizing Start-Up Costs: Use your current transportation – even on foot or on your bicycle as long as you consider how you’re going to get the pet food from the store (backpack, bike trailer, wagon, etc.) Minimize your product costs by identifying quality wholesale pet food and products to fit your business ideas, client’s requests, and overall inventory budget. Utilize a “freeware” inventory software program to keep your initial costs to a minimum. Use word-of-mouth advertising to get your business started.

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