Pet Business Opportunities

Pet business opportunities are exciting today if you have a love for animals and are interested in starting your own business venture. 

This has become a HUGE industry and is one of the great business trends for folks of all ages.  If you're a pet lover, you can start your pet business today . . .  :)  

As you see below, the American Pet Products Association (APPA) tracks the trends and statistics for pet expenditures in the U.S.  These trends continue to climb as pets play a variety of roles in our lives.     

2014 Sales are now estimated to grow $58.51 Billion -- this represents a 17% growth over 5 years!   Can your business idea reap a portion of these profits??  :)

The 2013 estimates were $55.53 Billion and they closed out the year ahead of that with $55.72 Billion actual sales.  This, of course, is AWESOME. . .  

This pet industry is a huge industry and the growth doesn't show any signs of slowing!    

The industry has consistenly beat it's projections.  In 2012, it was estimated the industry would close the year at $52.87 Billion.  However, as we can see below the sales were much stronger -- coming in at $53.33 Billion.   

These pet sales numbers support your planning when you begin considering starting a pet business in your local, regional, or national area depending upon your business goals.

2009-2013 U.S. Pet Industry Expenditures Chart

If you're like me, you may want to know exactly how the APPA is estimating this $53.3 billion in sales will breakdown.  This will allow us to consider a variety of niches in the pet industry.

Well, it just happens, they've provided us with a snapshot of their projections.   See the chart below for this information on where the next pet business opportunities may lie.

The top three expenditures are as follows:     

  1. Food
  2. Vet Services
  3. Supplies/Medicine

2013 U.S. Pet Expenditures Breakdown Chart

There is one important trend which needs to be noted here -- the sale of "live" pets is decreasing. I'm wondering if this is the fact that fewer individuals are buying pets from "puppy farms" and are opting for animals which are at humane societies and puppy rescues.  

Of course, these are U.S. statistics only.  Russia had a lot of bad publicity during the Olympics when the stray dogs there were rounded up.  They claimed they were put in kennels, but there were skeptics. 

And we know some had happy endings since American Olympians brought a few home with them!  :)

So we don't have all of the worldwide statistics, but we know it's probably a very large number throughout the world? Pets are a huge industry – look around your neighborhood and take an inventory of the pets (your market) that are close to you.

This provides you with the ideal opportunity to develop terrific pet business ideas and enjoy our fine furry friends! The business opportunity and trends provide a solid market for starting a new small business.

Pet Business Opportunities

Roles of Pets Have Changed -- Thanks to organizations such as Pets Add LIfe (PAL), a nonprofit who promotes the awareness of the bonds and other rewards associated with pets of all types, we are becoming much more aware of the strong bonds between humans and animals along with the different roles/values pets can bring into our lives. 

Pet Are "Family" -- This presents a huge opportunity to the entrepreneur interest in a pet business.  People will now (in some cases) spend more on their pets than they do (or did) on their children.   Seize this pet opportunity by looking for 'pet luxuries' to offer your clients.

Daycare is Now a Daily Necessity -- how many people do you know who travel or have hectic work lives and need someone to care of "Fido"?  Help them provide a more appealing option than a "sterile" kennel.  

Fish Are a HUGE Market -- this is the largest live animal sales in the U.S.   What types of pet business opportunities and services can you provide to fish owners? 

Terrific home based business trends exist. When you consider any of the pet business opportunities, look at unique business ideas that present themselves as pet ownership continues to grow in the U.S. and throughout the world. Many of these pet business ideas can be started from home, part-time, or full-time depending on your needs.

Work With Other Pet Lovers to Provide a Variety of Pet Services Know another pet lover who provides complimentary pet services? Team up to provide broader goods/services to pet owners.

Minimal Cost Most of the pet business ideas on these pages can be started with minimal investment and start-up costs allowing you to make money right away.

Minimal Business Risk minimal start-up costs help to reduce the financial risk associated with the business.


Pets Need Attention & Discipline – just like children, pets needs a great deal of attention and discipline (especially young puppies and kittens). Make sure you have the energy and interest to care for these furry friends all throughout the day (if considering pet care services). Owners will rely on you to make sure their pet(s) are safe and happy.

People Own Pets – keep this fact in mind. As you consider pet business opportunities, keep in mind that you'll be working with "people" - not just "pets".  Many a vet student has gone into veterinary sciences only to find out that these wonderful pets are owned by people. Are you willing to build a relationship with the owners as well as the pet(s)?  This will be required to be successful in your pet business. 

Recognize the Possibilities of Being Injured By a Pet – make sure you have appropriate training and a good understanding of the pet and their temperament to avoid injury to you, other people, and the pet(s). Make sure you get clear guidance from the owner regarding the pet’s temperament, likes, dislikes.

Insurance – talk with your insurance agent to discuss business coverage to make sure you’re covered in the case of an unforeseen accident or injury (remember pets are a member of the family!)

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