Parking Lot Cleaning Business

Start your parking lot cleaning business today!  This is a terrific service business which may be a good fit for you if you can find one good client and grow your business over time.

Begin by working with a small client and add others through word-or-mouth as they see the work you provide to keep your client's properties in beautiful shape.

Your business might focus on the daily litter pickup left by patrons in lots, patios, or on the sidewalks. Or maybe you'd rather focus on other aspects of the business such as concrete/asphalt cleaning and repair.     

Depending upon the services you wish to provide, you can start out with a few simple hand tools and do some manual labor or you can take on a larger investment in sweeping trucks to help with the cleaning efforts so you can be efficient and clean the entire property quickly. 

You’ll want to make sure whatever the task -- the area is cleaned properly (including sidewalks, entrances, and the landscape if you're charged with cleaning these areas).

Property management companies and store owners generally have janitorial companies taking care of the inside of their buildings, but the outside of the buildings and grounds can sometimes be overlooked.  That's where you come in with your parking lot cleaning business.

Parking Lot Cleaning Businessman

Work with your client's to make sure you totally understand their expectations. 

This is very important because they may want a level of clean different than what you're thinking -- some may expect every nook to be free of debris while others may just want a quick brush down (or hose off). 

Meet with store owners to determine if they are satisified with their current company.  If not, this may be an opportunity for you to show them your work.

And price your services accordingly so you're giving them a good price for a quick clean vs. a very deep clean which may require you extended time to provide them what they want.

Your business can be started part-time and the work can be completed after hours (or in early morning hours) when the stores are closed. 

In some cases, you may be able to do the work during the day as long as you are not in the way of the customers and traffic.

N2 - Niche Notes

Niche Notes!!

Adopt these ideas to help you niche your business:

1) Specialize in cleaning restaurant patios or fast food parking lots and drive thrus.

2) Add lawn mowing services to your business.Work with automotive sales/service lots to clean their car lots.

3) Remove junk and large debris - haul it to the local dump.

4) Offer pressure washing for entryways, trash dumpster areas.

5) Pick up a few painting tools and touch-up curbs or special parking areas.

You can also grab some friends and put a group on the grounds to make the work go quickly and clean-up a larger area if required.

Another consideration is you are able to provide additional services to your clients and provide more value added services.  Your parking lot cleaning business can also provide pressure washing and light maintenance services for example.

Sometimes the BEST Way to Get Where You're Going Is to Go Back to Where You Started

Parking Lot Cleaning Business - What's It Take?


  • ·        Cleaning skills
  • ·        Flexibility to work after hours ·      
  •          Client communication skills
  • ·        Time/job management skills
  • ·        Organization skills
  • ·        Networking skills

Resources: Starting a parking lot cleaning service will require basic cleaning tools that can be found at most home improvement stores -- brooms, dust pans, trash bags, extended trash tools, and a gas powered blower.  As your business grows, you can add a truck mounted sweeper or vacuum to take on larger jobs.

Time required: 5-20 hours/week; can work fulltime 30-40 hours/week. You may need to have the flexibility to work late hours after stores are closed.

Training: A keen eye for detail. Experience working for a janitorial company or for a landscape maintenance company.  The ability listen to the client, understand what is important to them, setting realistic expectations and then delighting the customer by exceeding their expectations.  Consider taking communication and basic business classes at your local community college or university.

Home Based: Yes

Internet: No

Location: Local

Start-Up Costs: $500-$75,000

Minimizing Start- Up Costs:  When starting your business, visit your local home improvement or discount store to purchase your tools or find them on the internet at discount prices.   Utilize your current vehicle to minimize your initial costs.  Purchase an initial order of inexpensive business cards through an online business card supplier. 

Approach commercial property management companies, attend local networking events, meet with homeowners associations, parks & recreation staff, and stop by auto dealerships to let them know about your parking lot cleaning business. 

Keep your eyes open for a business with trash in their parking lot.  Drop off your card and offer a complimentary parking clean-up so they can see the results immediately.  Team-up with other businesses, like janitorial or landscape maintenance, to offer your parking lot cleaning business as a complimentary service.

Case Study:   Read About Jerome

Hurricane Katrina left Jerome Boykins jobless and aimless.   He had nothing to do and no way to make a living. . . . until he began running his own parking lot cleaning business.

How I Did It:  Jerome Boykin, Owner, JB Sweeping Service

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