Nutrition Consulting

Kick off your nutrition consulting business today – there is so much demand for these services.  We have over two-thirds of the population who are either overweight or obese – this includes both children and adults.   

You can become a nutrition consultant who helps to educate individuals and groups on the nutrition value of the foods their eating.

As a nutritional consultant you'll be able to provide sound advice to your clients -- helping them with weight goals, identifying fact/fiction with regards to their food choices, and offering accurate information about health/disease prevention.

Your nutrition consulting business can help to empower individuals to put the “food” back into their meals, identify innovative (yet realistic) approaches to eating, and find creative tools to help your clients succeed.  

The health business trends suggest that becoming a nutrition consultant will be a terrific service in demand over the coming decades.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of products in our grocery stores which we probably shouldn't classify as "food", yet consumers continue to unwittingly buy these products and put them in their bodies.

Your nutrition consulting business will be tasked to help your clients to identify poor quality foods with little or no nutrients and opt for better quality, healthful ingredients.

You’ll promote best health and nutrition practices so your clients can obtain their wellness goals and live a quality life.  What a terrific business!

Of course, you’ll need to be a continuous learner and identify terrific sources of good quality food and healthful products to recommend to your clients.  This may lead you to partner with a community organic farmer or local grocer who provides terrific quality food. 

Network with schools, hospitals, and businesses to provide educational services as you start your nutrition consulting business.

Work directly with individuals, small or large groups, or help to develop quality corporate wellness programs.

Partner with a good chef and develop a variety of well-seasoned recipes, foods easy to prepare, and dishes that taste great!   

Niche Notes!!

Adopt a few of these ideas to make your clients come back for more:

1)  Provide personal training along with your nutritional consulting business for a holistic approach to wellness.

2) Meet with local businesses and help them to develop a wellness program for their employees.   

3) Adopt a mobile business model and meet your clients at their home, office, the gym, or outdoor recreational area.  

4) Specialize in training adults, children, or families (remember we all need a support system!)

5) Help individuals who are at risk for Type 2 diabetes or other ailments to achieve their nutrition/weight loss goals and minimize other traumatic diseases. 

6)  Work with a chef to develop tasty and quick meals to meet daily nutritional requirements.

7)  Identify innovative tools to help your clients -- such as creating a a log book with daily motivational information, writing a blog about nutrition, or find/develop an app to track daily food intake, etc.  

8) Delivery quality food to your clients on a regular basis and teach them to where and how to shop for nutritious food.

9) Plan a Nutritional Food Event -- inviting a variety of specialists to the event to help your community become more educated and aware of the need for quality foods.

10) Write a healthful cookbook (in partnership with your chef friend) with shopping tips written right into the book for ease of use.

Nutrition Consulting Business -- What's It Take?


  • Health, Wellness, and Nutrition Lifestyle
  • Ability to Inspire and Educate People
  • Ability to Communicate 
  • Organization Skills
  • Skill in Identifying Foods with Terrific Nutritional Value  
  • Time Management

Resources:  Check your local laws to determine if you’re required to be certified before giving nutrition advice to your clients.  If you’re not already, you may want to get certified to provide up-to-date information and hands-on experience.  Join a professional association in order to stay current on the latest nutritional information in your field.  You’ll need reliable transportation to meet your clients.   As always, talk to your insurance agent to determine what type of liability insurance you’ll want to carry for your nutrition consulting business.  

Make sure to utilize these helpful Resources from the President's Coucnil on Fitness, Sports, & Nutrition.  

Time Required:    5-20 hrs/week; can work full-time 30-40+ hrs/week

Training:   Check out local colleges/universities as well as free seminars at health food stores.   You may want to work with a nutritional expert prior to starting you own nutrition consulting business.  Also, identify a couple of good quality chefs you can work with to develop terrific tasting (yet healthful) recipes which are easy to prepare.   It will definitely be a benefit to stay current on new research with regards to disease, obesity, and nutrition habits.     

Market:  Athletes, Adults, Families, Children, Seniors, Businesses 

Home Based:      Yes

Internet:              No

Location:              Local, Regional

Start-Up Costs:    $500 - $5,000

Minimizing Start-Up Costs:   Use your home office and current transportation to start your nutrition consulting business.  Set-up meetings in your home, client’s home/office, or at the local gym/park.   When providing information about specific foods, have field trips to the local healthy grocer and assist your clients in finding  specific foods which will meet their health goals and can be prepared quickly/tastefully.  Encourage them to “pass up” the potato chip and cookie isles as they shop.

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