Become A Music Blogger

Sharing your gifts as a music blogger will be so welcome to your fans and followers. Almost everyone I know shares the passion of music.  Follow your passion for music and determine if this internet home business idea is a fit for you or someone you know.  

I personally played the piano and guitar, but have an appreciation for a wide range of music ranging from classical, drum-and-bugle corp, country, blues, jazz, and (my all time favorite) rock-and-roll.  I’m even beginning to warm up to some of the rap music – ha!  I’m probably dating myself! 

Music Blogger - Get Music Blog ON

Take your talents to the internet and share your love of music with your audience.  You’re sure to have a following no matter what your specific interests.  There are many approaches you have to make money from blogging. 

Provide specific online lessons on how to play an instrument, follow a particular artist or band, link other musicians together, or provide specific videos of your concerts or school band concerts.  Also, you can let your visitors know where they can purchase instruments, accessories that will help to improve their performance, or specific costumes or fashion for the performer. All of these would make you a terrific music blogger.

Research how to incorporate video technology into your site to provide your followers with a listening and viewing enjoyment.  Interview local bands, chorales, or entertainment groups and showcase them on your site.  If you like to do reviews, include them on your blog to promote new bands you’re following and provide others with your personal testimonials regarding the entertainment experience you witnessed in a live performance. 

N2 - Niche Notes

Niche Notes!!

Everyone loves good music and you probably know a lot of people in your inner circle who enjoy similar music as you. Choose what you like – you can enjoy being a music blogger and personalize your site with the following:

1) Music education/training.

2) Local chorales/musicians.

3) Link your passion for fashion with your love of music and share information on costumes/accessories for performers.

4) Specific types of music such as rock-and-roll, country, jazz, blues, rap.

5) Instrument specific blog site.

6) Serving retailers and writing their blogs.

7) Videos for music journalists to add to their websites.

8) Plan events for musicians and blog about your experiences before, during, and after the event. 

Become a Music Blogger - What's It Take?

  • Musician or Music Lover
  • Internet savvy (or ability to learn)
  • Photography or video skills
  • Ability to write
  • Organization skills  

Resources: As you initially become a music blogger, you’ll want to have a variety of musical instruments, access to recorded music you listen to for discussion, or local concerts/entertainment venues. In addition, you’ll also need a computer, internet, and a camera (maybe with video capabilities if you want to do some videos on your blog.        

Time Required:    Part Time 8-10 hrs/wk; Full-time 30-40+ hrs/week

Training: Music training and/or teaching can be very beneficial to becoming a music blogger so you can speak with the voice of an expert. There are so many opportunities for learning instruments check with local retailers, other musicians who may teach or know of instructors, and there are always colleges.  If you need to brush-up on your writing skills, identify a local class you can take (preferably one that will allow you to work on some of your blog while learning). Check-out online courses and “how-to” videos for working with a variety of internet and software applications or ask other professionals.

Market:               Performers, musicians, and just music lovers    

Home Based:       Yes

Internet:              Yes

Location:             Local, Regional, National, Global

Start-Up Costs:    $500 - $5,000

Minimizing Start-Up Costs:   When you become a music blogger, it’s easy to get caught-up in the excitement and want to purchase new instruments, music, and other items.  I recommend (from personal experience) that you resist this temptation and use the resources you have available to you initially to keep your business expenses low.  Once your business is making money, you’ll be able to determine what your next investment should be prior to making an expensive purchase. I’ve been the “queen” of racing out to buy a tool I just had to have only to find out it didn’t fit my business model over the long term.  Research the variety of internet tools available to you for little or no cost when starting your blog. Attend local concerts, music clinics, and educational events to get the word out about your business and developing a following.  

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