Mobile Opportunities & Trends

Mobile opportunities are growing exponentially and they are impacting the mobile business trends for new entrepreneurs.   It's an exciting time to consider starting your own business as there are more interesting business prospects than ever before.  

Mobile Business Trends

1.  Convenience is Driving Our Economy

Consumers are demanding more conveniences as the world becomes more complex -- we want our services at our finger tips (or better yet to come to us where ever we are - at home, the office, or where we play). 

Mobile Opportunities

This is a terrific niche providing mobile opportunities for your business -- meeting your customers needs where they live, work, and play.

2.  Approximately 9 out of 10 Americans Own An Automobile.

Americans have a love affair with our cars (and motorcycles, RVs, boats, bicycles, etc.) We share a true spirit of adventure in getting out and being on the move! It’s estimated that 9 out of 10 of us in the U.S. have an automobile. So why not put your vehicle to work making an you an income?

3. Generation Y is Less Interested In Owning Their Own Automobile

Generation Y (young people ages 22-32 years old) are less interested in purchasing and owning their own vehicles than previous generations. This is a fact, but one that may lend itself to a variety of good business ideas since they still want the freedom to be mobile and have still share the adventurous American spirit. Generation Yers just choose how they do this differently than previous generations. Generation Y is more aware of environmental issues than previous generations and they don’t seem to be caught up in the advertising “sex appeal” of the automobile industry.

Major Update:  Here's an updated report that throws the theory being discussed regarding #3 above out the window.  The consulting firm Deloitte has done a 3 year study showing that Generation Y will be buying cars!!!  Guess they've figured out if they want to "go places", they need vehicles - the study indicated a lot of reason behind lack of interest in vehicles was the recession and lack of money to purchase a vehicle.   Aproximatley 23% will buy a vehicle within the next year, 61% within 3 years, and only 8% are remaining altruistic and have no plans to purchase a vehicle. And they will be picky, informed consumers!   

You'll want to factor this into your business planning when looking an the mobile opportunities and trends. 

4. Non-Traditional Vehicles Are Also Very Popular

In addition to automobiles, there are a variety of transportation “types” which are popular and may lend themselves to a range of best home base business opportunities. Are you interested in recreational vehicles (RVs), boats, motorcycles, mopeds, or bicycles?

Mobile Opportunities

Americans Are Active, Enjoy Traveling (even if just locally), and Want Their Independence – we are very independent (especially in the West) and insist on the ability to move around town or around the world. A mobile opportunity may be just the ticket for your to fulfill your need to meet your customers needs with ease and accessibility.  

Technology Trends -- the technology advances are definitely helping with mobile business opportunities.   There are various types of handheld computers (with more computing power than used to be in one office computer) right in your hands.   And the cloud services make so many business applications available wherever your business takes you.   This is a very exciting time for small entrepreneurs!

Your Current Vehicle  Utilize your vehicle as a business asset helping you to make money instead of costing you money every month.

Minimal Cost  If you already own the vehicle, you may be able to minimize your out-of-pocket start-up expenses by using your current vehicle(s).

Minimize Business Risk  since you may already own your vehicle, you’ll have less start-up costs and reduce your financial risk.


Providing Perceived Value – your mobile business ideas will need to build the value for your customers to encourage them to pay for the service(s) you’re offering. While the opportunity may exist today (due to higher gasoline prices), consider what happens to your business model if your market(s) change?

Recognize All Of The Costs Involved in a Mobile Business – there are more costs associated with your vehicle than just gasoline. Today a set of tires can be $1,000+ depending on the make/model of your automobile.

There is normal wear-and-tear on the vehicle and this all needs to be factored into your basic pricing when you’re considering how much to charge for your services. Keep in mind the cost of routine repairs/maintenance along with replacement value of the vehicle. You’ll have to juggle all of these costs while keeping your pricing in-line and be competitive and affordable within your local area.

Mobile Opportunities & Costs

Insurance – make sure you discuss your specific mobile business ideas and insurance coverage with your agent to make sure you have enough automobile and business insurance to cover you in case of an unforeseen accident or injury.

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