Start A Lawn Painting Business
For Profits and Beauty

Start a lawn painting business to help your customers have picture perfect lawns in drought areas. 

This is a green business idea that is helping homeowners and commercial businesses (e.g. golf courses, parks, etc.) save on water and encourages water conservation in dry, desolate areas.  

Take a listen to how business is booming for Charlie at Lawn Smart USA -- he's building upon the new trends to paint grass  . . .

Of course you'll need to determine if there is a demand for a lawn paining business in your area or whether you can generate the demand by educating your customers about lawn painting  services.  

This idea is most viable in certain areas where there isn't a lot of water, areas with consistent droughts, or with homeowners who want to conserve water. 

The Weather Channel published this article, "As Drought Spreads, Turf Painting Catches On".  With two-thirds of the nation covered by recent droughts, water isn't available to keep lawns green.  This causes yards and homes to look dreary and in need of a "pick-me-up" especially in dry conditions. 

If you personally like to work outdoors in all types of weather, like physical work, and enjoy making spaces beautiful; then this may be a terrific green business idea for you.

A lawn painting business can be started on a relatively small budget since it requires very little capital or equipment.

You’ll need to do your homework to determine the best types of grass paint for the climate where you are, the types of grass you’ll be painting, and to obtain the best results for your customers.  

This is one of those businesses that has started to boom with the advent of droughts across much of the U.S. The grass paint really makes the lawn look fabulous, healthy and natural while not requiring the use of scarce water resources.  

Parts of the west and southwest have been doing lawn painting for years, but it’s starting to catch on in other areas.  Pick-up your paint sprayer and start your lawn painting business. 

Lawn Paint Service With Sign

Contact your local paint store or check online to make certain you're using a quality paint which will provide the results you and your clients' expect.  Your calling card will be the beautiful lawn you leave behind and the neighbors WILL notice!

Make sure the paint is also good for the environment and won't leave harmful chemicals in the ground -- this will be one of your selling points and something you'll want to advertise in your marketing materials! 

You can also build repeat business since the paint will naturally fade over time and need another coat just like painting a house.

This green business is something you can market to home owners, property managers, businesses, and parks/recreation departments.  It’ll green-up the neighborhood, provide curb appeal, and save water. 

Work with garden shops and home improvement stores to get your name out and let people know you’ve started your lawn paint service. 

Be sure to leave extra cards/flyers with your customers – once the neighbors see your beautiful landscape creation, they’ll want to be able to contact you.   You’ll delight neighborhoods as you spruce up their dead lawns into vibrant spaces.  

N2 - Niche Notes

Niche Notes!!

Increase the services you provide to your customers by providing:

1) Lawn clean-up and junk removal services (prior to painting),

2) Include traditional lawn maintenance services,

3) Teach classes on how to paint your lawn (for the do-it-yourself folks), etc.

4) Combine your exterior lawn services with interior design to provide your customers with one-stop-shopping for all of their design needs. 

5) Take Before/After photos to share with your clients and others.   Share them in your marketing materials or sell them to landscape magazines.

Lawn Painting Business -- What's It Take?


  • Knowledge of grass paints for your area and grass types
  • Painting skills
  • Interest in working outside in all types of weather
  • Time management to handle a variety of painting jobs
  • Follow-up for repeat business

Resources: A good paint sprayer and quality lawn paint.  A variety of yard tools for clean-up prior to painting and a scheduling system for keeping your customer’s contact information and calendar.  A vehicle capable of hauling your tools, equipment, and supplies.  

Time Required:    Part Time 8-10 hrs/wk; Full-time 30-40+ hrs/week

Training: Ability to use a good quality paint sprayer, knowledge of grass and the paint needed to make it look terrific.         

Market:  Business owners, home owners, realtors, property managers, banks with homes in foreclosure, parks 

Home Based:       Yes

Internet:              No

Location:             Local

Start-Up Costs:    $500 - $2,500

Minimizing Start-Up Costs:  When starting you lawn painting business, make sure to use a good quality paint sprayer and lawn paint – cheap supplies will cost you time and energy in a commercial setting. Look for a used good quality commercial sprayer on the internet or newspaper. 

Use word-of-mouth advertising with networking groups, garden stores/shows, and home improvement businesses.  Also, consider providing flyers to neighbors after you have completed a job in the neighborhood and they’ve seen your work first-hand.  Keep your equipment clean and in good repair after each job.

Request full or partial payment upfront from your customers to cover the expense of paint and supplies prior to painting.  Set-up repeat clientele by scheduling touch-up visits or re-application visits within 4-6 months when the paint begins to weather.  You’ll also want to charge more if a lawn has a lot of lawn features you’re working to cover.     

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