Kiosk Business Ideas
Are A Growing Sensation!

Kiosk business ideas are a growing sensation and have matured from the gumball machines of our parents era.   There are terrific opportunities all around us and entrepreneurs are using these machines to grow their wealth. 

You can sell just about any product and service from your kiosk and it is a great way to get your business started with minimal start up costs.  Kiosks come in many different shapes and sizes.

It could be a large kiosk you can purchase or rent from a local mall. It can also be a kiosk on a trailer you pull with your vehicle from event to event.  Maybe you rent one at a local sport complex or set one up at  a local farmers market.

The key here is offering convenience and flexibility to your customers.  This is value-added for you -- putting you in the right place a the right time!

One of my businesses started out as kiosk business ideas.  I personally used local town fairs as a way to launch my specialty food business. I started with a couple of tables, a pop up canopy, a banner sign, business cards, and a small inventory.  

It was a low-cost way to create interest and do some market research on the products I wanted to carry in a larger amount -- a perfect market research opportunity before investing in a lot of inventory! 

I was also mobile and moved from location-to-location to determine if my products sold better at different venues and which ones were consistent favorites!

If you've ever been to the local fair or farmer's market, you've probably experienced these types of businesses yourself.

Kiosk business ideas are a great way to get started in business at minimal costs and allows you the flexibility to move.  If the initial location doesn't provide the sales you expected, you're free to test another option.

A kiosk can also include a food business idea! I have a friend who bought a mini doughnut franchise and he took his trailer to sporting events and fairs throughout the region.  People loved him and he had a great time!!

Another friend and her daughter are selling inflatable toys at carnivals. They made a killing in one location so they thought they had the ticket.  Only to discover it was somewhat location specific (which kind of surprised me??)  You just don't know until you test the market. . .

N2 - Niche Notes

Niche Notes!!

The fun never ends with the creative ways to implement kiosk business ideas.   I think we'll see these expand in ways we never dreamed up with the computerization of almost everything (think about Star Trek -- we're catching-up!) 

1) Provide your niche product (e.g. rental gowns, children's clothing, pet bakery treats, cupcakes, etc.)

2) What about a traveling food kiosk (restaurant).

3) Recently read this article -- they are promoting the idea of "Doctors-In-A-Box".  One company wants to bring the doctor to your -- in the  work place, health club, or maybe even the grocery store.  What services does the current technology allow you to bring directly to your clients?

4)  Palm reading, tarot cards

5)  Popcorn, kettle corn, cotton candy, ice cream - YUM!

6)  Mobile bartending

7)  What about some last minute party gifts, wedding necessities, swimming accessories?

8)  Are you an artist? gardener? farmer? healthy food enthusiast?

9)  Do you love salads -- how about offering in a kiosk like Farmer's Fridge is doing?

10) Or maybe cupcakes? wine? gold bars? or jewelry?  Check out these 25 kiosk business ideas.

11)  Here's one -- add scrapbooking papers, pens, stickers, and accessories to a kiosk.  How FUN??

12) And add specific personal training equipment -- pedometers, heart rate monitors, head bands, etc.

Kiosk Business Ideas -- What's It Take?

Of course, kiosk business ideas also now include the new high-tech machines located in various shopping centers.  These machines do not require a lot of expensive retail overhead, minimal labor costs (except your time to keep them stocked), and many seem to do very well. 

I've seen a variety of products in them including skin care, cellphone accessories, and jewelry (to name a few).  This is where you can use your imagination!

Depending upon the particular kiosk business ideas you choose, it can be important for you enjoy customer interaction (in the case of working fairs, carnivals, etc.) The more fun you're having, the more success you will have drawing customers to your kiosk. 

Some malls may have noise or marketing restrictions so make sure you ask before you sign any agreements. 

Kiosk business ideas are a great way to supplement an online business idea if you are looking at growing your business.  Hold contests where people register for a prize and provide you with their email and Facebook information so you can connect with them and build a long-term relationship. 

Encourage your customers to share your information with their friends to broaden your brand loyalty and provide additional products/services.  Kiosk business ideas can be the entire business or you can use it as a way to expand your market!!!


  • Marketing skills to draw a crowd to your kiosk
  • Merchandising skills for product presentation
  • Comfortable engaging people passing by.
  • Retail sales skills
  • Organization skills
  • Communication skills
  • Like to have fun!!!


Kiosk business ideas will require a product which is mobile and can get to a location with a car, truck or van.  Create good quality signs to catch people's eyes and draw them to your kiosk. You can start out renting a kiosk at a mall or buying tables from your local discount store.  Buy table cloths to give your kiosk a clean  and fresh look.  Purchase portable shelving or crates to provide additional space to market your products.

Time Required: 

10-15 hrs/week part time, can work full time 30-40+ hrs/week


Locations with high foot and vehicle traffic.  Your local mall, downtown center, farmer market, flea markets, local festivals, or partner with another business.

Home Based:  You may work out of your home, but will need to travel to your location.

Internet:  No but is a great way to expand sales and market your online product.

Start-up Costs:  $1,000-10,000

Minimizing Start-up Costs:  You can rent kiosks at your mall to minimize start up costs for kiosk business ideas.  Contact rental companies to rent equipment to test out different locations.  For a small fee, the rental companies will deliver and setup your booth allowing you to focus on your products presentation.  Partner with another complimentary vendor at events who can help you with the overhead costs and who has a product which can be seen as a good quality "partner" product so you both win.   It'll be a win-win-win for you, your partner, and your customers!  Gotta love it!  :)

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