Junk Removal

A junk removal business may not initially be the business you've dreamed of starting, however, it is a business that is definitely in demand and can be quite lucrative if you're willing to structure it correctly and treat it like a business!

If you enjoy working outdoors with your hands or have a few friends to help, this is one of the easy low cost business ideas which can be started on a shoestring budget – many college students have had such a business.

There are a numerous customers including homeowners, businesses, property managers, homeowner’s associations, parks, and local governments who can use your services.

Use your pick-up truck, haul a trailer, or even work with the local garbage service to provide you with a dumpster if you don’t have your own vehicle.

Your junk removal business can become a service which is used by a large number of customers and you can get referrals and repeat business for a job well-done keeping your marketing costs low.      

With all of the junk that accumulates around homes and offices, individuals who don't want t to get “their hands dirty”,

You can help clean-out garages, storage sheds, backyards, fields, and other places where debris tends to pile up.

This work requires a level of physical fitness since this it can be strenuous work (unless you hire workers and you become the brains behind the operation).

It's quite possible you can become the person to identify businesses who may need your services and then have your employees do the physical clean-up. There are a variety of options, but if you're the owner, chances are you'll end up (at some point) doing some physical labor . . .  

Your junk removal business can be as large or small as you desire.  You can be a one-man show or hire multiple crews to handle larger jobs.

This report on "Rubbish and Garbage Removal - Industry Overview" gives some highlights of the industry and background information for developing a solid business in this industry. 

Niche Notes!!

As you start your junk removal business, here are some interesting ways to niche your business and find a variety of customers.

1) Identify active real estate experts who “fix-n-flip” properties – many of these folks require trash hauling services during the real estate process.   

2) Introduce yourself and your services to local governments who may need clean-up help in parks/open spaces, after storms, or on an on-going basis throughout the community.

3) Add this service to your lawn mowing business.  

4) Work with property managers who are always maintaining the grounds of properties they manage on an on-going basis.

5) Incorporate with poop scooping for "Fido" and his owners.

Specialize in spring/fall landscape clean-up for homeowners.

6) Help individuals or companies move large items.

7) Combine with cleaning services

8)  Add handyman services for a variety of small property maintenance and repairs.

Junk Removal Business -- What's It Take?


  • Enjoy working with your hands and outdoors
  • Physically able to handle strenuous labor tasks.
  • Ability to correctly estimate the amount of time/labor require
  • Time Management
  • Organization Skills

Resources: A large vehicle for hauling or towing trash, physical strength for clearing, basic tools (heavy duty gloves, saws, hammers, screwdrivers, wire cutters) for dismantling structures, cutting brush/trees/shrubs, etc.

Time Required: 5-15 hrs/week; can work full-time 30-40+ hrs/week

Training: As you tackle more jobs with your junk removal business, contact your local home improvement store for advice on the best way to handle different types of materials when faced with dismantling projects. Determine local codes for hauling trash and incorporate specific expenses into your pricing when applicable. Develop good time management skills, be organized, and be willing to work long hours if the job requires it.

Market: Home owners, business owners, property management companies, real estate professionals, local governments

Home Based: Yes

Internet: No

Location: Local, Regional

Start-Up Costs: $3,000 - $10,000

Minimizing Start-Up Costs: If you don’t have a vehicle or trailer, find a used trailer or contact the local garbage service (consider negotiating discounted rates on large dumpsters) to minimize your initial cashflow requirements. Look on the internet or the local thrifty newspaper for used tools.

Use word-of-mouth advertising, internet advertising, and place flyers in local businesses. Talk to local home improvement stores to become a preferred vendor to receive discount rates on tools and supplies. Keep costs low by utilizing independent contractors as needed for specific larger jobs instead of hiring employees.

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