Internet Research Business

An internet research business is one of the best internet business ideas of the coming years. The reason this type of business will become invaluable is because of the growth of the internet and the amount of data being collected.

In fact, all of this data is just being stored with little ability to sift through and make it pertinent to it's owners.  

This is where your business comes in -- helping businesses to identify the data they possess and helping them determine it's value.  

We are in the information age and there is an abundance of great ideas and information available now, but how to find it? Do you enjoy searching the internet to find interesting facts or topics?

There are writers and businesses looking for your skills to help them with the time consuming task of internet research and finding data and new topics on the internet quickly to meet writing deadlines.

As the amount of information is continuing to expand throughout the internet requiring time to sift through websites of data to find quality information which can be used in marketing materials, business reports, literary journals, websites, and more.

If you enjoy surfing the web, an internet research business may be the new career direction for you. The internet business trends make this easier than ever to access information from anywhere in the world.

Internet Research Business Idea

A variety of companies can be your clients as you provide necessary research to meet numerous project requirements and deadlines.

Are you are familiar with online databases, directories, and sources of good quality information?  Or are you interested in learning? What industry do you have knowledge about? 

Are you familiar with a couple of industries which have interesting relevant business connections to explore and develop ideas and articles about for your clients?

If so, you can meet your client’s needs by performing data research and identifying quality information for their business requirements!

Many times it will pay for you to specialize in a field or niche since it will be easier to keep abreast of current and new information on a variety of topics and help your internet research business succeed.

N2 - Niche Notes

Niche Notes!!

Personalize your internet research business in a variety of ways including:

1) Identify one topic of interest to you and become a specialist in this area providing research only on this particular topic.

2) Be more of a generalist and study multiple topics as long as you can find information quickly on a variety of topics and meet deadlines.

3) Specialize in an age range (e.g. infants, young children, teens, empty nesters, seniors, etc.)

4) Provide information on a variety of hobbies/crafts. and represent an art medium or a variety of artists.

5) Use your talents to study sports and provide a sports blog to avid fans.

6) Study real estate, trends, comparables, investment ratios, etc.

7) Become a personal internet shopper identifying goods/services through your research.

8) Combine your internet research with online copyrighting to provide content for publishers, writers, bloggers, and websites.

9) Identify terrific places to visit and entertainment venues to share on a travel blog.

Internet Research Business -- What It Takes?


  • Interest in doing quality research
  • Advanced knowledge of the internet
  • Robust computer skills
  • Ability to find quality information quickly
  • Writing Skills
  • Organization Skills

Resources:   Computer, high-speed internet.  The Invisible Web -- check out these additional resources for the internet research analyst

Time Required: 5-15 hrs/week; full-time 30-40+ hrs/week

Training: Basic to advanced computer and internet searching skills

Market: Writers and Businesses

Home Based: Yes

Internet: Yes

Location: Geographic Flexibility (Local, Regional, National, Global)

Start-Up Costs: $100 - $2,500

Minimizing Start-Up Costs: Minimize start-up costs by considering freeware or shareware vs. expensive software packages. Look for good online tutorials for minimal expense; investigate low cost training at your community college and local university.

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