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4 Steps To Success!!

How to start online business today???

Are you like me and you want to do something you love and build it into a profitable business along the way?

You may be thinking (like I did), I don't have any idea (zip, zero, nada!) about how to go about building a website or internet business. 

And the competition . . . there are over 200+ Million different websites/blogs on the internet today.  

That's exactly how I felt . . . the thought of an online business was overwhelming!!  It sounded good, but I was a little afraid of what might be involved in building this type of business.

Where to start?! 

I definitely didn't know any programming, had no idea about how to approach this as a business, but I really had the interested and desire to figure it out. 

I was reading articles/books about folks making a decent living from their online business and this intrigued me.  

So how to start an online business???  And how did I get here?

To start with, I couldn't do the simplest thing on the internet, let alone design and create a website! Everyone was searching the internet and doing social media -- I had no clue and needed a few tutorials from my nieces to even understand what the hype was about . . .  :)

I Was Totally Back in the '80s

I've had successes in my life as an Assistant Director - Operations for an internationally known science center, had started my own real estate investment company, and knew the specifics of starting my own business, but . . .

So now . . .  confession time!   :-)

when it came to the basics of the internet, web design, HTML, Google, and social media, I didn't know much and was actually afraid (which I hate to admit!) of this whole internet business thing!  I didn't know how to start an online business -- yikes!

I was definitely worthless when it came to doing the simplest Google search (had to have my hubby or employees do it for me - ugh!)  

So in order to make a long story shorter . . .  I decided to make changes in my life and found myself looking for a different type of business!

A Major Discovery - How To Start Online Business

As I began to think about how to start online business, I made a major discovery. . .

I began experimenting with the Google search box . . can you imagine . . . I had no idea the number of websites touting how much money can be made online.  Boat Loads of CASH!!  If you listen to the many pop-up boxes you get when searching for legitimate ways to make money online.  

These websites were promoting the "Get Rich Quick" schemes and how you can make millions! 


With other business ventures I was involved in, I was always being sold "parts and pieces" of the whole in order to run my business. It was frustrating!! Each one of the "parts" were important to make the "whole" business run.  So I found myself purchasing one more important "part" to my business system separately.  

When I was researching how to start online business, I found out many of the different "plug-ins" were not designed to work together in tandem. This was going to cost me money and time as I tried to get the different pieces to work together. 

So as I looked for options on how to start online business (which you're probably beginning to do), I also began looking for a "business-in-a-box" approach because this was important to me. 

My previous business experience led me to understand I'd be much more successful with a company who approached this with a Lego-style building block approach and provided all of the pieces required to start an online business without going elsewhere to purchase another tool.    

In real estate (and many other industries), it's very common to be "sold" multiple individual components to make your business work by different companies each trying to sell me the latest and greatest widget for my business.

Once I started comparing all of the different options for how to start online business, many of the cheaper options didn't look so great. 

So I added up the different costs while I was doing my business plan including

  • training
  • web hosting
  • templates
  • keyword tools
  • auto responders
  • plug-ins
  • analytical tools
  • e-zines programs
  • social connections
  • user forums
  • business support
  • technical support

After adding all of the individual component costs together (well over $1,000), I personally decided these other options were going to become VERY expensive quickly and there's always a very good chance they might not work together well which was going to cost me time and frustration!!

I approached my website as a business recognizing all of the different requirements needed to have a successful internet business!  I was determined the only way to become successful was to identify a business who treated my business as importantly as they treated their business with the  different tools programmed to work together. 

By the time I started adding up all of the costs, I realized SBI! was the best option on the market -- giving me the most 'bang for my buck'!   And am I glad I DID!  :)  

Now That's How Business Works

SBI's philosophy on how to start online business "spoke" to me.  I understood Ken Evoy's business approach since that's exactly how I'd built my own successful businesses.

You don't start by selling. . . You start by building TRUST!

. . . I couldn't believe this . .  I had to read it again

4 Steps To Success and the SBI! Methodology

Naturally, I investigated further.   Having started my own business previously, I know success is built -- it doesn't happen overnight and I don't believe in "Get Rich Quick" schemes!! 

This is the same philosophy which governs SBI! and Ken Evoy.  How to start online business using SBI! is by following the step-by-step, 10-day process using the tools they provide. The training and guidance provided allows you to realize your dreams and get started with your online business.  

So while I was considering my options, I did an analysis between my top business values and SBI!'s 4 Steps To Success.  See below for my analysis and comparison . . .

4 Steps To Online Business Success

Cathy's Business Philosophy

Products - Provide the best and deliver it better than your competitors.

Value - Once customers feel they're receiving value, they'll refer others and repeatedly work with you.

Reputation - is everything in business!!  People become customers when they believe you.  

Trust -You MUST build trust.  People know when they're being "sold".

Ken Evoy's SBI! Methodology

Content -- write only the best quality content.  Make it real.  Write about what you know and you're passionate about.  It Shows!

Traffic -- focus on building traffic.  Get visitors to come to your site before you "sell" them.  They'll return and provide more content they want to read.

Presell -- Build trust, build an online reputation that encourages visitors to return.

Monetize -- Visitors buy only when they trust you.

After reviewing a variety of options (including some "FREE" choices),

. . . I took a deep breath . . . and purchased an SBI! website . . for much cheaper than many of the other internet business options including some of the "FREE" choices which didn't have the 80+ tools included in the system that 'work together'.

You can see the results!  Here I am - now with a website business -- like how amazing is that! Now with the simplicity of SBI!, I've found a way to give-back and share the valuable information I've learned.

The only reason I'm sharing my story with you, is to encourage you to do the same.  If I can do this "internet thing", you can to . . .

Start Your Online Business Today!

You'll enjoy the benefits of all of the SBI! tools --complete with Action Guide that takes you by the hand and leads you through the step-by-step process of building your online business!

This proven system has worked for me (and thousands of others)!



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