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Home Photography Business

A home photography business is one of today’s best home based business ideas. You'll find it can also be started as a mobile business where your office is in your home and you meet your clients on location to take their photos.

This will provide you with the ability to incorporate your love of photography with the subjects you enjoy photographing (e.g. families, children, pets, etc.)  If you start your busienss with a home office or studio, you can keep your start-up costs low.  If you don't have enough room in your home for a studio, meet your clients at a nearby park for outdoor shots, in an indoor arena for sports photos, or at the church for wedding or family photos.

Home Photography Business Man with Camera

This is also a terrific business idea for those who love to travel or who live abroad (expats!) You can document your travels and experience through the lens and share with others. My mother loves to see photos of places she hasn't travel to since it allows her the experience without the expense!

To begin your home photography business, you’ll obviously need a good quality camera and the appropriate equipment required to allow you the ability to take the subjects you’re interested in capturing.  

To get started, determine who the market is for your photographs (online, local individual events, artists/collectors, etc.)  Then begin by asking them what types of photos they are most interest in seeing and determine how you can best capture these photos and market them for sale.  

I have personal friends who have photography businesses with different emphasis including sportman’s photography, classic automobile photography,  historic sites photography, residential real estate photography, butterflies, and lightening bolts.

One of these friends gets to enjoy the outdoors and goes on a variety of hunting or fishing excursions with sportsmen to capture “in the moment” back woods experiences – a truly outstanding service for his clients who get to enjoy the experience initially and “re-live” and share their adventures once they return home.

Add a variety of photographic services/products to your home photography business to round out the items you offer to your clients – consider “in the moment” photography, a variety of merchandise which lends itself to your client(s), online scrapbooks or CDs/flashdrives for capturing the photos, etc.

Ensure you can deliver your photos and products within a reasonable amount of time, communicate the timeframe to your clients, and make sure to follow-up with additional products/services.    

N2 - Niche Notes

Niche Notes!!

There are no limits here – what are your interests? 

1) people - children, seniors, families

2) events - weddings/family reunions/birthday parties. 

3) automobiles - historic automobiles, sports cars, new cars, specific models, motorcycle riding/races/classes.

4) historic sites - museums, graveyards.

5) travel – people/places/things.

6) astronomy - falling stars, night skies, etc.

7) weather - how about capturing lightening bolts, tornados, hurricanes.  

8) landscapes -- there is beauty all around us and we never tire of the wonders of these awesome photos.

9) pets/wildlife -- specialize in working with groomers, pet businesses, dog shows, butterflies (a friend does these lovely creatures!), or wildlife in your favorite nature area.

10) sports/extreme adventures - I've got one friend who does sportsman's photography (hunting & fishing expeditions) and another who actually photographs extreme sports such as snow boarding and skiing.    

11) video services -- add videos to your services and make your photography come to life. 

12) blog/social media -- share your photographs via social media or your blog.

Home Photography Business - What's It Take?

  • Knowledge of cameras/equipment
  • Skill in taking good quality “in the moment” photography
  • Communication skills with clients
  • Creativity in assembling photographic services/items
  • Time Management
  • Organization Skills

Resources:  A quality camera (or two!) and equipment you know how to use easily and efficiently. Time management and organization skills for turning out photos and products quickly (we’re now used to seeing our photos instantaneously!) Knowledge of how to obtain a variety of camera effects (“real time” and after-the-fact). Photo editing software and the ability to use it efficiently. Any additional equipment required for security/safety depending on what’s being photographed.

Time Required:  5-20 hrs/week; can work full-time 30-40+ hrs/week

Training:  Knowledge and skill to handle your camera effectively, efficiently, and with creativity.  Inventory management/tracking skills, ability to sell products, time management being consist with your schedule (with flexibility to your schedule). 

Market:    Individuals, Families, Businesses

Home Based:      Yes

Internet:             No

Location:             Local, National, Global

Start-Up Costs:    $500 - $2,500

Minimizing Start-Up Costs:   Use your existing photography equipment (as long as it provides good quality photos) or purchase the best quality camera equipment for the most reasonable cost (there are a lot of good quality, low cost options on the market), request up-front payment from your clients to cover out-of-pocket expenses required for the photo shoot.  Pick a specific niche market you are both knowledgeable about and are already interested in pursuing to minimize your learning curve and keep your photographic interest over the long term.  

Develop your photography skills by taking classes from recreation centers, community colleges, online courses, etc.   Develop your techniques prior to starting your home photography business.  Consider a “freeware” inventory software program and calendar system to keep your initial costs to a minimum.

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