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Now is a terrific time to start a business from home. These types of enterprises are becoming very common place as more than 70% of successful businesses are being started from home to keep the costs of the new flegling business to a minimum.  

I highly recommend you identify a business idea that is a terrific "fit" for you, find your own unique niche, and live your personal dreams! You'll have more staying power over the long haul of your business if you're working at something you enjoy!

Please be cautious about getting caught-up in the internet "hype" with Get Rich Quick schemes -- there is no such thing.  Businesses require work and dedication. 

If you're wanting to start your own business, but not sure what type of business might be suited for you,  get a free copy of my ebook, "Find Your Passion2.0!" when you sign-up for the Biz Buzz Ezine.

This e-book guides you step-by-step in identifying your interests, experience, and transferable skills which will encourage your discovery and help you find your passion

Business (and work) is so much better when it's FUN!

My home business magazines | Biz Buzz are intended to help individuals who want to grab a hold of this trend and move in the direction of being the creator of their destiny. 

Please enjoy each of the issues and make sure to drop me a line with any questions you may have about proceeding with your business ideas. Let's work together to make an incredible environment for us all to succeed and move forward with our dreams!!  :)  

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