Home Based Business Success

Are you aware that home based business success is becoming extremely common place??

Home Based Business Success

For many of us, this is good news!!  

The positive economic impacts are being felt with the number of small business owners who are choosing to start their business from their homes -- this is provided a substantial impact both their personal household incomes while adding to the overall small business workforce.

As you can see in the infograph below, the small business community is becoming a strong force in the economy.  

Home Based Business Success Facts:

  • 28 Million Small Businesses In The U.S.
  • 70% Are Owned And Operated by 1 Single Person
  • 57% of the Workforce Are Employed by Small Businesses
  • 44% of the U.S. payroll comes from Small Businesses
  • 77 Million people make up the small business community
  • 6 Days to Start a Business in the U.S.  
Small Business Is . . . Economy

7 Tips for Starting Your Home Based Business

Below are some of my personal tips for getting your home business started in the right direction:

1.  Identify Your Work Space.  

This is imperative.   Don't allow yourself to get caught up working at the kitchen table only to have your "space" interrupted by the kids or meals.   You will not be successful unless you identify a personal space for work (your business).

2.  Separate Your Space From Your Spouse.

For home based business success, I highly recommend separating your work space from your spouse.  Identifying separate work areas can do amazing things for your productivity and sanity. 

I've personally done this both ways. While I love my DH, it just about drove me insane sharing a desk/office with him.  We have completely different work styles.  And this just generally DOES NOT work. 

Once we separated ourselves, both of our productivity went up immensely (and our relationship was saved - LOL!).   We now have separate offices with our own desks, computer, equipment, etc. 

Even if you live in a small area, try to find a space that is uniquely yours -- it will be worth it to you and your business.  

3.  Organize Your Equipment & Tools. 

Organize all of your equipment and tools and put them within reach of your work space. There's nothing worse than looking all over the house for a piece of equipment you need to get the job done.   It's a waste of time and energy and slows your productivity.

If you use your car for business, do the same in your vehicle. 

Decide where you will put these items and return them to the same place when your done with them -- saving you time and frustration later.

4.  Develop a network.

This is important because you can potentially feel isolated when working from home.

This can be done in a variety of ways where you attend networking meetings, meet others (clients) outside the office, and/or meet with others interested in your work over Skype / Hangouts!   It's fun to mix it up and use a little of each of these methods.  

5.  Be Professional.

In order to experience home based business success, you'll want to make sure you adopt professional habits.  

This includes having professional telephone manners - remembering you have the first 10 seconds to make a first impression. And if your children (or other family members) answer the phone, teach them positive phone manners to give your business a great first impression. 

The same goes for quality email and social manners.  All of this is part of the initial first contact with your potential customers.   

Finally, you'll want to dress the part of your profession.   Of course, it's fun to work in your jammies when no one is around (and comfortable too!), but when you go out into public make sure you will make a good first impression when meeting your clients.   

A friend of mine used to work in his shirt/tie and boxers to make his sales calls.  He said the "shirt and tie helped him talk professional over the telephone".  Then when he was ready to leave the house (at a moments notice), he'd finish getting dressed and go out for his appointments. 

You'll need to find the formula for what works for you!!  :)

6.   Plan Your Business

This is so important and for some reason, the majority of small business owners do not follow through with the critical step. 

If you don't plan your business and measure your success, how will you know where you're going.  And even more important, how will you recognize the successes you make along the way??  

7.  Remember:  It's Work.

For your home based business success, adopt the attitude that this is work (it's your job!) You'll need to set your schedule and stick with it and communicate this to family/friends.  When you're at home, it's easy for others to get confused that this time is available for socializing. 

While you can be more flexible with your schedule when working from home, you must treat your business like a business and do the work required to allow you to thrive.

Home Based Business Success - What's Working??

Still wondering if starting a home based business is a viable option for you??  

Take a look at all of the reasons why it may be a good idea to get started with your home based business today!    

Home Based Business Success
  • Technology Changes Are Leading the Way
  • The majority of home based businesses are self-funded
  • 70% of new businesses are started from home
  • Minimal business risk associated with at home businesses (due to lower overhead)
  • Even split between Men/Women starting home based businesses

 - 58.2% of home businesses are started by Women

 - 49.1% of home business are started by Men

  • 70% of the small home based business started survive the first 3 years
  • 17.% % of home based businesses start with less than $5,000 startup funding
  • 6.6 Million home based businesses provide at least half of the household income

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