Green Business Ideas To Start NOW!

Consider the many green business ideas you can start today.

  • Do you love nature and science?
  • Do you like to educate others about the environment and teach them how to care for our planet?
  • Are you always looking for ways to re-use and re-purpose various products?

These green business ideas will support your passion for helping others minimize their footprint on Mother Earth.

From urban farming to alternative transportation and everything in between, the time is now to make a difference and pass along your enthusiasm of the earth to others.

Let's explore these green business ideas and how they “fit” you and your interests.

Many of these would make terrific small home based business ideas and can be started with minimal capital, can provide flexibility with your other responsibilities, and can be started part-time or full-time depending on how much time you have available.

As you embark on your green business and are doing your business planning, here is a set of articles put together by the SBA entitled, "Green Business Guide". There's a variety of articles on green marketing, case studies, and practices along with other resources which could prove beneficial to your efforts.  

Green Business Ideas

Green Business Opportunities

Green business opportunities are all around us - this is an area that continues to expand and growth with the imaginations and the entrepreneurial spirit of the many . . .

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Bicycle Business

Launch your bicycle business from your home today and combine your enthusiasm of bicycles with your business aspirations.  This is one of my green business ideas for supporting the environment while encouraging better health . . .

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Starting a Cleaning Service

Starting a cleaning service is a great business to start on a shoestring budget and there is always a demand for good quality cleaning services.   Just pick up your mop, bucket, and . . .

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Cloth Diaper Business

Starting your cloth diaper business is one of those great green business ideas that I see as an up and coming business . . .

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Start a Lawn Painting Business

To start a lawn painting business, you probably need to determine if there is a demand where you live.   This is a terrific business for many of the more arid climates where water is scarce. . ..

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Document Scanning Business

Document scanning business is a terrific option for you if you're interested in an up-and -coming green service for your customers.  I believe this industry is just now in its infancy as companies and individuals . . . .

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1. Decline of "Planned Obsolescence".

It's good to see the beginnings of shifting attitudes with a thoughtful decline in “planned obsolescence” due to the “green” movement.

In my opinion, the current recession has helped accelerate this decline since folks are looking for ways to spend less and use (re-purpose) things they already own.

Woman With Green Business Ideas

For both "green" and economic reasons, your customers now stop to consider alternatives prior to disposing of old items and purchasing new. This reduces the amount of money required to obtain new merchandise and conserves needed resources required for developing new products.

2. Reception of the Three "Rs".

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The three “Rs” are now household words and are catching on with businesses and consumers as they look to purchase and pursue obtaining goods/services alike.

I know in my community and in my household, we recycle more now than in any time in the past. The community provides dumpster larger (many jokes have been made about their size!) than trash dumpsters for recycled materials – this dumpster has reduced my household “trash” to almost nothing. It’s amazing to see how much we used to throw into landfills that can now be recycled.

In addition, local developers in our community are constructing LEED certified buildings with eco-friendly products because it makes good business sense to do so.

Other businesses are considering alternate ways to re-use waste products – some choosing to selling what was once considered waste to other companies or individuals ("one man's junk is another man's treasure").

All of these efforts are terrific news for the environment. Consider these small home based business ideas along with green business ideas (e.g. clothing, books, household items, automobiles/parts, etc.)

3. Better Quality Eco-Friendly Products.

With the “green” movement throughout the world, we're getting healthier, better quality eco-friendly products. These products are now being developed to replace inferior toxic products in the marketplace.

I personally welcome the changes in products being offered and give my kudos to manufacturers since I personally have highly sensitive skin. With the introduction of products without harsh chemicals, I've been able to avoid a variety of painful skin rashes once an uncomfortable part of my life.

As this trend grows, it will be terrific for your business to consider offering these new options to your customers. In many cases, you will be able to show they cost less (in more ways than monetary!) than their toxic counterparts.

Make sure to read, "10 Things I've Learned About Engaging Customers on Sustainability" by Amy Skoczias Cole.  This article is thought provoking and may help provide some ideas on marketing and other business strategies for promoting sustainability with your customers. 

4. Rising Energy Costs.

When considering your green business ideas I would think about potential cyclical/seasonal trends associated with rising energy costs. As these costs continue to rise, a variety of opportunities will present themselves to explore green business ideas to help out customers and the earth by reducing our overall energy consumption and minimizing overall expenses.

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