Great Home
Business Ideas

There are great home business ideas for us to explore and examine to determine if they fit our personality, interests, and goals.

It's fascinating to look for ways we can work from home, fire the boss, and get paid for something we enjoy doing, in the comfort of our own place, and on our own time schedule.

And there is definitely something appealing about the thought of working in your comfy shirt and shorts with holes in them.

How about the ability to avoid the meetings, the office gossip, and the ability to just get things done which will pay you? Think this is appealing? Then definitely consider these great home business ideas.

Many of these ideas may require training to get started, but the rewards are definitely worth the effort. 

There are different amounts of start-up capital required depending on what resources and training you already have and your business vision. Make sure you check out each specific idea page and the Niche Notes for recommendations on start-up costs and possible training. 

According to this article in Inc., there is now a growing trend from larger businesses to take home based business more seriously as true competitors who can provide them with the flexibility to pivot and move more rapidly than a larger corporation.  

In addition, many of these ventures can be started part-time while you work another job or take care of family members. This allows you time to get your business operational, start earning money, and then decide if you're ready to leave your current job.   

I've started many of my businesses part-time. This was definitely a positive as  I learned about the work required and was able to learn the business and decide if it was something I was interested in pursuing full-time (sometimes I found it wasn't a good fit for me at all!)

Some of my businesses turned out to be less interesting to me or weren't a fit me (even though I thought I was interested in pursuing the business because at first blush it looks fun). I was sure glad to have the opportunity to "test drive" the business rather than start immediately doing the business full-time.     

This reminds us that great home business ideas can always use a "test drive" and still need to be a "fit" like that old shirt to stand the test of time.  

Great Home Business Ideas

Home Based Business Success

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