Find Your Passion
Ask Yourself, "What Do I Know?"

To find your passion by asking yourself "What Do I Know?"  Think about the amount of information you already have knowledge about.  It may seem like trivia to you, but to others it can be very useful information.  

What Do You Know? Find Your Passion

Everyone knows something and you have a unique education based upon your previous demographics, geography, and life experiences so you approach your life from your own perspective

This is huge and will help you to niche your business ideas developing them from your perspective and sharing your experiences with your customers.  


Start by asking yourself these important questions:

1.      What do I know from my education?  

2.      What specific classes did I take in school?

When looking at the classes you took, which courses did you enjoy most?    Were they creative classes? Logical (e.g. math, engineering) classes?   Interactive with hands-on projects?  Or physical (sports, medicine, etc.)? Be specific as you consider the courses you enjoyed or excelled in . . .

Life Experiences

Some additional questions to help you identify your interests:

1.    What have I learned from my life experiences outside of my formal educational experiences?

2.    What specific topics do I know about?

3.   When I'm on the internet, what do I look for?

4.    Do I enjoy using this knowledge? If YES, Why? If not, Why Not?

5.  Have I been recognized for specific accomplishments?  Received Awards?

Think about interesting aspects of your life where you’re proud of the accomplishments you’ve had outside of a formal education setting.  

This could be at work, in a playful environment, in a parental or caregiving roll, a hobby, or just something you’ve accomplished on your own (e.g teaching yourself about photography, gardening, basketball/baseball, fixing engines, surfing the internet).


Then ask yourself about your talents?

1.      What talents do I currently possess?

2.      Do I enjoy using these talents?

Be specific with your answers!  

Do you possess artist talents such as singing, finding old furniture and repairing, baking sweet treats? Just write down your talents – don’t disregard them at this time.

You may not think your talents are valuable (yet!), but I can assure you that I do not possess the ability nor the interest in baking. However, I must admit I love to each fun treats and am VERY glad there are people in the world who possess these talents.  :)

If you're having trouble with this exercise, ask a family member or spouse to help you identify your talents. 

Make sure to spend time jotting down your answers. I recommend you take a couple of days or even a week. As you go through your daily routine – pay attention to what you're doing, what you know, and what you're enjoying.  

Interestingly most of us will spend our free time on the activities we enjoy most! Watch yourself carefully over the course of your day/week and identify the things you're spending your time doing.  Record your interests and your talents!   Write down everything that comes to your mind.  

On the flip side, if you find yourself (as many of us do from time-to-time) doing things you absolutely don’t care for, write these down! Don’t get to caught up in this part of the exercise, but it’s good to identify areas where you have little interest or don't like.  Make a note regarding specifically "why" you don't like what you're doing (e.g. "it's mundane", you don't care for the type of person you're doing the activity with, etc.)

As you start your business, these will be areas you may want to find others who can help you if it's required in your business.   It's always good to know our strengths and the areas we do not enjoy!    

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Find Your Passion - Putting It All Together

Once you have the following written down, start examining any patterns you see: 

  • FUN List!
  • Education
  • Life Experiences
  • Talents

What comes up consistently?  Are there items which can be combined for interesting business ideas?  

Keep pondering this information until patterns begin to emerge.   If you want more in-depth look, make sure to grab a free copy of my e-book, "Find Your Passion2.0!"

Business Idea Generator
Find Your Passion

Here's a fun tool to help you identify some potential business ideas which may be a good "fit" for you?   Give it a try to see if it helps you narrow down your ideas.   It gave me 5 ideas -- two were a pretty good match.   The other three didn't interest me much.  

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Drop me a line to let me know what your ideas come out to be . . .

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