Dog Walking Business

A dog walking business is really in demand with most dogs not receiving enough exercise and becoming sedentary as their owners are busy or lead sedentary lives themselves.

Woman Walking Dogs Business Idea

Your dog walking business is part of my repertoire of pet business ideas because of the ease to start and find customers right now.

This is an easy and inexpensive business allowing you to enjoy the outdoors, get your exercise, and even spend times with family/friends while you are walking your customer’s pets!

Get your business started by identifying busy pet owners you know who don’t have the time to walk “Fido” a couple of times of day to keep him happy and in shape. Your services will keep “Fido” and “Bruno” happy and healthy.

Walk your owner's pets on a permanent basis (say, weekly while they travel or are at work) or just when they are on vacation. Remember to contact folks who live in apartments or condos, seniors in independent/assisted living facilities, and even doggie day care facilities who may need some extra help.

This could be a terrific mobile business idea by adding variety of other pet services/products – bring the dog food and treats to the pet owner to save them time having to shop (buy your pet products at wholesale prices).

Carry quality pet treats, doggie poop bags, shampoos, and pet combs! These pet business ideas can be up and running in less than a week.

N2 - Niche Notes

Niche Notes!!

Combine your dog walking business with some of the following pet business ideas:

1) Help out with pet poop scooping.

2) Personal shopping services - shop for a variety of pet products and have them ready for your customers to purchase on-the-spot or take orders and deliver when walking their pets.  Deliver dog/cat food, treats, shampoos, toys, combs/brushes, etc. 

3) Take your camera along, snap some good quality photos or video of "Fido" and "Fluffy" playing.  Package the photos (either digital, online or prints).

4) Prepare pet scrapbooks for your clients.

5) Clean aquariums for "Goldy" Fish at both private and commercial businesses.

Dog Walking Business - What's It Take?

  • Love of pets and meeting their needs
  • Ability to control pets and make sure their behavior is appropriate around children/pets
  • Creativity in finding interesting, safe spots for pets to get exercise
  • Time Management & Organization Skills
  • People Skills & Good Communication Skills

Resources: Have a couple of extra leashes, some doggie treats, and poop bags.

Time Required: 5-15 hrs/week; can work full-time 30-40+ hrs/week

Training: Skill in handling pets, ability to take direction from owners regarding pets requirements, likes, and dislikes. Good time management being consistent with the promised schedule (while being flexible with your own needs).

Market: Pet owners (especially dogs)

Home Based: Yes

Internet: No

Location: Local

Start-Up Costs: <$100

Minimizing Start-Up Costs: Use word-of-mouth advertising – starting with folks in your own neighborhood and letting your family/friends know you’re providing pet walking services. Work with pet stores and pet shelters to provide your information to new pet owners.

Have your client’s provide their own pet supplies including leashes, dog treats, and poop bags to minimize your start-up costs. Place ads on Craigslist or put flyers in your local grocery store. Accept cash or checks to eliminate credit card fees.

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