Cellphone Repair Business

A cellphone repair business is one of my top business ideas for the coming decade.  This service business idea which is growing from the huge demand created by the costly small electronics is definitely one that will explode in the near future.

The video below shows how Daniel started his successful iPhone Repair. This is very similar to a young man in my local area who has done the same thing although he hasn't specialized in only iPhones. My friend will fix iPhones, Droids, and MP3 players, etc.   

It can be easy to start this terrific business form the comforts of your home, small apartment, or anywhere you have minimal workspace.  The parts are small and compact and so it doesn't require much room to get your business operational. 

And with the price of small electronics now, folks are looking for repair options when they break their glass screen or something else goes haywire.  These become more affordable options than replacing the whole unit.  

While cellphones and tablets are increasingly affordable to the general public, they are still a bit pricey to have to replace if they become damaged. 

We all have so much of our information stored on these little gems (mini computers)!  It seems like we have our whole lives revolve around having these gadgets work property (e.g. social, contacts, calendars, etc.)

Your customers will love the fact you've saved them hundreds of dollars on a new purchase. The days are gone when individuals and families just dispose of their phones and run to the store to buy new. 

It's a much better alternative to seek someone in the cellphone repair business to help us with repairing these little wonders!

Cellphone Repair Business Idea

But who fixes these gadgets????

When they break, your customers need (not want) to get these fixed -- and FAST!

I know I love my smartphone and tablet, but when something is amiss with these wonderful tools, I've been at a loss as to how to get them fixed.  Was thinking I'd have to go buy a new one (at several hundred dollars - yikes!)

If you're like me and your life is stored on these small gadgets including my contacts, text messages, emails, calendar, personal/business appointments, social media, music, etc., then it becomes critical to get them operational quickly!!

This, of course, is where you come in with your cellphone repair business . . .

With a cellphone repair business, you can make money in your pajamas (or that comfortable shirt we mentioned earlier!)  :)

You're able to provide this service to your customers and get them operational in short order.  

As for my friend, he has flexible hours, attends college classes, supports his education, and provided me with a terrific service to fix my gadgets quickly and at minimal cost to me . . .

Niche Notes!!

Personal Niche Ideas:

1) Expand your business to other small electronic gadgets including tablets, e‑readers, MP3 players, etc.

2) Provide additional services such as computer backups.

3) Identify software and hardware problems troubleshooting internet connections and gadget software problems,

3) Add desktop and laptop computers to your business,

4) Go mobile and visit your client’s home/work to fix their gadgets,

5) Specialize in setting-up home electronics/televisions.

6) Provide seminars for your clients (or at your local recreation center) to discuss small electronics care, the importance of “back-ups”, and how to get the most from your small gadget(s).

Cellphone Repair Business -- What's It Take?


  • Skill in repairing cellphones
  • Knowledge of maintaining small electronics (smartphones, e-readers, tablets, MP3 players)
  • Specialized knowledge of different electronic parts/internet, basic software programs
  • Experience with mobile apps
  • Mechanical Skills
  • Organization Skills


Due to the size of these tiny gadgets, this business doesn’t require a lot of space in your home. Set-up your work space in an office, bedroom, or on a table. A few of the small plastic storage compartments would be perfect for housing the tiny electronic parts required in these gadgets. Develop a system for tracking jobs, schedules, inventory, and job estimating. Try to provide terrific service by delivering your customer's cellphones quickly (e.g. hours vs. days, if possible) especially for business people who can lose business without their cell phones or tablets.

Time Required: 5-15 hrs/week; can work full-time 30-40+ hrs/week


Obtain training in the maintenance and repair of different types of small gadgets from online sources, vendors, repair manuals, local parts stores, and technical colleges. 

A brief internet search, identifies a few options for potential training including the Cellular Repair School site.  

Market: Small Gadget Owners

Home Based: Yes

Internet: No

Location: Local

Start-Up Costs: $50 - $500

Minimizing Start-Up Costs: Identify a space in your home for securing the gadgets, small containers to store the very tiny component parts, and your tools. Promote your services at local events, electronics stores, and networking functions. Get referrals from other computer people who don’t specialize in small gadgets!

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