Become An Event Planner

Do you want to become an event planner? Are you organized? Do you have a variety of creative ideas on how to make events a special experience each guest will remember fondly?  Share your love of working with people and your planning skills with your clients to bring each event to life!

If you love to plan and coordinate events, this is a really fun business idea that may be the perfect fit for you.  Your business can focus on a wide range of events – business, conferences, family, party, non-profit, and special one-time events. 

Become An Event Planner Calendar

The events planning business is growing both in the U.S. and internationally as more events are done throughout the world.  You may want to become a wedding planner and help the bride-to-be and Mom to plan the most memorable day of her life. 

Event planning for many can be stressful and they don’t have any idea where to even begin.  So when you become an event planner, you bring your step-by-step organization, industry experience, and contacts to the organizer to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

I'm very aware of all of the tiny details that go into coordinating the flawless event.  This is a terrific service you can provide to the participants so they can  focus on the big picture (like the wedding vows) and enjoy their experience while you take care of all the small details (which can ruin the day!) such as whether the cake will show up at the correct time.

As you begin to have success with your business, you'll experience a great deal of pleasure and confidence when your events are done well and the day is a great success for everyone involved. These types of experiences will provide you and your business with terrific referrals for future events.  

Because there are so many variations of event planning, you’ll want to determine what type of planning you are good at and focus your time and efforts on these particular types of events.  This will allow you to be most successful and have a great deal of fun working in the areas you enjoy.  

N2 - Niche Notes

Niche Notes!!

Pick the events you love and have FUN!  Become an event planner doing some or all of the following

1) Become a wedding planner and plan both the big day and the shower(s).

2) be a party planner -- for special events, children's birthday parties, anniversaries.

3) organize corporate events or conferences.

4) incorporate video services for each of your events and set-up a specific website for each event so those who cannot attend may see it virtually.

5) assist with family or class reunions.

6) plan proms or sorority/fraternity events.

7) fashion shows.

8) store/business grand openings.

9) awards ceremonies.  

10) incorporate mobile bartending into your business.

11) provide seminars to "do-it-yourself" folks who want to plan their own events.

12) Provide photos and/or scrapbooking/photo albums for your customers to enjoy long after their event is over.         

Become An Event Planner - What's It Take?


  • Communication & listening skills
  • Ability to deal with people & emotions
  • Business contacts for obtaining services
  • Organization Skills
  • Time management skills
  • Ability to work under pressure

Resources:  Computer, phone, internet, contacts to obtain event services and supplies, transportation to meet clients and get to events. 

When it comes to planning specific occasions requiring tradition and etiquette (e.g. weddings), I'd recommend you read this article by International Special Events Society members, "Wedding e-Etiquette) where they discuss the challenges you may face as events and technology begin to merge ("crash") into one another.  

You definitely don't want to get blind-sided by some of these issues as a father walks his daughter down the isle and everyone has it on Facebook before they've even reached the alter. 

Gives you some interesting background information and the ability to have discussions with the Bride prior to the special day to determine the best way to handle in each situation. 

Time Required:   5-15 hrs/week; full-time 30-40+ hrs/week

Training:  It’s good to have mentored with an event planner, worked with a non-profit to plan events, working for a hotel helping to plan events, or have some related type of experience (which could include a variety of wonderful parties for your children).  Any of these types of experiences will provide you with the knowledge and experience to become an event planner   

Market:   Individuals, Families, Businesses, Non-Profits

Home Based:       Yes

Internet:              No

Location:             Local, Regional

Start-Up Costs:    $500 - $5,000+

Minimizing Start-Up Costs:   As you become an event planner and begin considering your initial expenses, try to utilize any personal equipment and supplies you may already possess for your events (e.g. computer, cell phone, decorations, etc.)   Find terrific ideas and suppliers on the internet.  Request your clients cover any upfront expenses for services or supplies prior to ordering to keep your expenses to a minimum.  Make sure you’re working with reputable people who will pay for your services in a timely manner or make a portion of your fee payable upfront and then the remainder the day of the event to avoid payment hassles.  

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