Become a Fitness Trainer
To Encourage Health and Wellness

Become a fitness trainer and help your customers learn to enjoy fitness and reach their goals!  

Do you love going to the gym, working out, and meeting people? Do you like to help your friends and motivate others with their work out routines and health goals? Then being a fitness trainer could be the business idea for you!!  :)

To start your fitness business, you'll need the physical strength and ability to work with your clients throughout the day and the ability to show individuals a variety of exercise programs.

Patience, motivation, and a structured approach to helping others will allow you to be successful and provide your clients the information they need in a way they can understand.  Also, being able to listen to your clients to determine his/her specific goals, health issues, pain points, and helping them meet the goals they are trying to achieve. 

As you're most likely aware, there isn't a "one size fits all" workout routine for all clients. You will need to be able to customize the routine and adjusting the schedule to keep individuals motivated, interested, and (most importantly) able to achieve their workout goals.

The first place to start to become a fitness trainer is to interview current fitness professionals you have worked with and/or are referred to you.  Ask them why they started their business, what is the toughest part of their work, what is the most fulfilling part of having a fitness business, and what training  and certifications they would recommend. 

N2 - Niche Notes

Niche Notes!!

There are so many opportunities for making this a perfect niche for you and your personality.  Take a look at a few of the options:  

1)  Specialize in working with seniors -- today this age group is choosing to age in a more physical way.  There are opportunities to work with healthy seniors or those you have health issues.

2)  Develop fitness programs for youth -- maybe with a child camp component.  There are so many fun opportunities to get kids up and moving and away from the computer for a period of time.  Some children are naturally active and will benefit from quality programs that help them burn energy so they can concentrate in school.

3) Working with obese children.  This is becoming an epidemic -- helping these children with quality programs can support their self confidence and create a positive environment to support their overall health throughout their lives.

4)  Provide training for clients with chronic disease or who may be recovering from an injury (sports therapy).

5)  Assist clients with disabilities with routines to help them with motor dexterity or pain management exercises.

6) Start your business as a mobile fitness trainer -- travel to your clients homes, offices, or health clubs to work with them.

7)  Combine your interest in writing and begin blogging about fitness and how to get the best from your workout helping your readers to understand the importance of fitness in their lives.  

8) Love animals -- incorporate animals in your fitness training (e.g. riding horses, walking dogs, etc.)

9) Specialize in a specific sport and working with individuals or teams to develop strength and endurance for their sports activities.

You might also want to ask about shadowing a couple of these fitness trainers for a few sessions to get an idea of what a typical day would be when you start your business.  

After making the decision to become a fitness trainer, the next step is focusing on getting the right certification.  There are several certification organizations available.

The typical prerequisites for certifications is 18 years of age, CPR and AED certified. One such organization is American Council on Exercise (ACE). Their website,, has excellent information about available certification packages. Some certifications may require an additional college degree.  While you are getting certified, volunteer to help out at your gym and assist other current fitness trainers.

You may want to check with your local gym to see if there are any local or state requirements to become a fitness trainer.  After you get your certifications and volunteer experience, it's time to get your fitness training business marketed and get started with your health and fitness business idea.

Become a Fitness Trainer - What's It Take?


  • Good physical conditioning.
  • Knowledge of health, muscle strengthening, toning, aerobic exercise
  • Love to work with people and teach them how to achieve their goals.
  • A patient and excellent listener.
  • Organization and time management skills.
  • Motivational skills.
  • Communication Skills.


To become a fitness trainer, you will need to have a commitment to your own fitness -- staying in good shape so you can physically guide multiple clients through their exercise programs. You will need to develop a client evaluation to bench mark current capabilities and to assist in setting fitness goals. If you are training out of your home you will need to invest in the required fitness equipment. Develop relationships with local gyms to utilize their equipment if your client is a member at the club.

Time Required:

10-15 hr/week part time, can work full time 30-40+ hrs/week


Small niche health clubs, community centers, senior centers, boys and girls clubs, martial arts studios or specially health clubs (ie woman only, body builders, etc.).

Home Based:  Maybe.  Most likely located at a local health club.

Internet:  No

Location: Local, regional

Start-Up Costs: $500-$5,000 for your certification, club membership dues, fitness equipment, marketing and a internet site.

Minimizing Start-Up Costs:  Contract with a health club when you initially become a fitness trainer and let the club market your services. You will share your fees with the club and they will provide you with potential clients.  Partner with a seasoned fitness trainer and fill-in when they have a vacation, are ill, or have scheduling conflicts while you build your own clientele.  Market your services as in-home training and utilize your clients location/equipment.

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