Become a Fitness Instructor
and Workout Every Day!

Become a fitness instructor -- have fun, work out, and help other people reach their fitness goals!! Do you enjoy going to your fitness class(es)?  Are you a leader?  Are you motivated and excited about helping others? Then this can be the business idea which fulfills your dreams.

So how do you get started with this business?

As with any business we have discussed, it is important to identify what your interests and skills are and are you passionate about teaching people how to do a variety of core moves and work their muscles in an effective manner. 

. . . Do you have a strong desire to motivate people and you are comfortable working with and in front of larger groups?  Of course you will have to keep in good shape so you have the stamina to hold multiple classes per day.

There several different areas to specialize in when you become a fitness instructor. Get involved with your local gym and take a variety of classes. Really "try them on"!   Determine which ones are interesting for you personally.

. .  which exercise routine(s) are a good fit for you. 

Also, take to other instructors and do some research on the internet to determine any certifications you may want or need to obtain to be an instructor for specific exercise routines.  

The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) is one such organization which offers both online and onsite certifications for several different areas of expertise. You need to be 18 years of age and have a CPR/AED certification prior to receiving your certificate. The CPR/AED certifications are taught by local Red Cross and are relatively inexpensive to obtain.

And I've found that certifications and training will provide you with the experience, expertise, and self-confidence to handle your business as a professional.  

If you have plenty of experience, you can get started by working with friends, organizing groups at networking events, contact offices for lunchtime fitness/wellness programs, and contact your local gym.  There are so many opportunities -- in our local area, a fitness instructor organized a variety of lunch time events at a local park open to the public to let them know about her services.  What an awesome idea!!

If you're still needing to gain experience so you can become a fitness instructor, I would suggest volunteering to assist your fitness instructor or shadow him/her at your local health club or community center. 

Study different exercise programs (especially some of the popular classes like ZUMBA, Kickboxing, spinning, aerobics, yoga, water aerobics, etc.) to expand your knowledge and skills. 

N2 - Niche Notes

Niche Notes!!

1)  Pick an area where you'd like to specialize -- spinning, kick boxing, or pilates (for example).

2)  Choose an age group that you're interested in working with -- young children, teens, adults, and/or seniors.

3)  Focus on male or female classes and issues which are gender specific.

4)  Start a fitness instruction website providing quality information on safe workouts which will get results for your readers.

5)  Provide outside classes (my favorite) -- bike riding, pilates, circuit training, horseback riding, etc.   Pick fun locations such as in a park, on the beach, or in the mountains.

6)  If you prefer, become a personal trainer and work one-on-one with your clients.

7)   Like shopping?  Organize a shopping trip to identify specific gear needed for your classes and participants to be successful . . . how fun!

8)   Incorporate nutritional information in your classes and have a wholistic approach to wellness.

9)  Use the CDC State Indicator Report on Physical Activity, 2010 to see where your State ranks in activity level and determine additional ideas based on your location.   

Take notes on the different types of music or props that different instructors are using, the duration of the music, and where you need to be when warming up, running on high octane, and cooling down!  

Music can be so invigorating and really makes us happy, energetic, and want to move -- get the most out of your music library selections and start mixing your own work out music!   LOL -- it makes me want to move just writing about it!  :) 

Of course, while you're working on your certification, it's a great time to begin working on your business plan to become a fitness instructor. 

If you intend to start small, a  good place to begin is to grab my one page business plan.  You can get your copy here and read step-by-step how I use the plan to develop the specific strategies for my business.

Become a Fitness Instructor - What's It Take?


  • Good physical conditioning.
  • Enjoy working with people.
  • Ability to lead a group of people with ease while having fun.
  • Knowledge of different routines for different muscles, age groups, etc.
  • Patient and an excellent listener.
  • Organization and time management skills.
  • Motivational skills.
  • Communication Skills.


To become a fitness instructor, you will need to commit to staying in shape so you can lead multiple classes.  Network with other instructors to stay up on the latest developments with your exercise programs.  Join associations and groups both locally and nationally to provide support.

For additional resources, visit the National Association for Health and Fitness website.  They have a variety of links to other resources you may find helpful.   

Time Required:

10-15 hrs/week part time, can work full time 30-40+ hrs/week


Small niche health clubs, community centers, senior centers, boys and girls clubs, martial arts studios or specially health clubs.  Possibly contract with cruise ships, hotels or resorts to provide fitness group programs.

Home Based: No

Internet: No

Location:  Local

Start-Up Costs:  $500-$5000 for your certification, club membership dues, fitness equipment, marketing and a internet site.

Minimize Start-Up Costs: Contract with a health club when you initially become a fitness instructor and let the club market your services.  Sign up as a substitute fitness instructor and fill in when they have a vacation, sickness or scheduling conflict while you start you own classes.  Volunteer at a youth club, a church or at a senior center to develop your instructor skills and promote your fitness instructor business.

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