Aquarium Maintenance

An aquarium maintenance business may be right for you if:

Aquarium Service Business Idea

1) You love tropical fish?

2) You are knowledgeable about how to care for aquariums and a variety of fish?

3) You are interested in pursuing a pet business. This business can be started on its own or combined with other pet services!

Over half of the pets owned in the U.S. are FISH (including both fresh water and salt water)!

Considering that statistic, this is one of my pet business ideas which can be started easily from your home or become mobile using your current vehicle. . . 

Start your business providing these cleaning services for “Goldy” Fish and her friends -- keeping your "people" friends happy with the serenity and calm knowing the tank is being well maintained to keep "Goldy" and her friends healthy (without any fuss by her owners!)  

This is a terrific service for busy fish owners who want to keep up their aquarium maintenance along with the beauty and serenity provided in the environment the aquarium creates.

Busy individuals are terrific clients for your aquarium maintenance business! Everyone has great intentions of keeping their aquarium clean, but many fall behind often to the peril of “Goldy”.

Establish your service by scheduling (bi-weekly, monthly) with “Goldy’s” owners to make sure her aquarium is cleaned and well maintained on a specific schedule (that’s flexible with your schedule, of course!)

I'd consider expanding this pet business idea to commercial organizations – offices, medical facilities, day care centers, and nursing homes who provide aquariums for a peaceful or educational setting. Provide additional tropical fish, food, supplies, filtration parts/filters, plants, and decorations.

Also, you can provide consulting services on how to set-up different aquarium scenes including compatible fish species, a variety of foliage, rocky caverns, or sunken pirate ships to allow your clients to personalize their aquariums to their personal preferences. Then provide the set-up services to develop the aquascape they're looking for with a calm, serene aquarium scene . . .

This article published by the Small Business Chronicle provides some additional information for starting an aquarium service.  

Niche Notes!!

1) Provide fish owners with additional fish-related products to minimize their shopping time and provide convenience – your customers can just enjoy their aquariums.

2) Add aquarium installation and “set‑up” services for new fish/aquarium owners.

3) Take your camera along and get some good quality photos or videos of “Goldy” Fish and her friends -- package them (either digital, online, or prints) with other products for your fish owners.

4) Package with other pet “clean-up” services.

5) Collect or make your own fish food and sell it your customers.

6) Draw, paint, sculpt aquariums, fish, or other sea creatures. 

Aquarium Maintenance Business - What's It Take?


  • Love of fish, aquariums staging
  • Knowledge of aquarium service -- maintenance and repair
  • Creativity in assembling aquarium fish, plants, and decorations
  • Organization Skills
  • People Skills & Good Communication Skills

Resources: Aquarium products which are “fish” friendly, inventory of unique decorations, filtration maintenance/repair parts, payment method (consider some of the new credit card payment technology which works with your smart phone or PayPal).

Time Required: 5-15 hrs/week; can work full-time 30-40+ hrs/week

Training: Knowledge of fish, maintaining aquariums, and filtration systems, Inventory management/tracking skills.

Market: Tropical Fish/Aquarium Owners

Home Based: Yes

Internet: No.

Location: Local

Start-Up Costs: $500 - $1,000

Minimizing Start-Up Costs: Utilize your current vehicle to keep your start-up costs to a minimum while you begin your aquarium maintenance business. Look online for good quality wholesale fish products to fit your needs and budget. Consider a “freeware” inventory software program to keep your initial costs to a minimum.

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