The Journey

Well, as the saying goes -- life is a journey! And so is creating and developing your fantastic business idea!

My name is Cathy and I’ve always been fascinated with the range of business ideas and the overall trends which drive these ideas!

Your Journey - Now Is The Time

Today I’m thrilled by the number of terrific business ideas for the small entrepreneur who wants to take their life and careers into their own hands to forge their own paths and opportunities without relying on a job! There are definitely terrific business ideas for each one of us!

This site is a labor of love -- It’s an exciting opportunity to research and present a variety of fun and interesting business ideas and bring them to you.

Many of these business ideas can easily be started on a shoestring budget, from your home, with flexible hours for enjoying your life, and can be grown or expanded over time.

My journey is similar to others with a variety of successes and failures along the way. I have had the opportunity to serve in managerial/executive roles in both corporate and government organizations. While I’ve had good jobs, my passion has always been to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working for myself.

To this end, I’ve had a variety of small businesses – several were started and grew while I continued to work a full-time J-O-B. This provided the monetary stability while my business grew. With each of these businesses, I’ve learned valuable lessons along the way regarding life and business.

One of the main ideas I’ve learned is to be true to who I am, what my interests are, and define my strengths and weaknesses. As the saying goes, "play to your strengths". A few of my endeavors have included personal motivational training, a specialty foods business (which also became a gift basket business), and a real estate investment firm.

Another lesson from my business endeavors has been to understand CHANGE is always just around the corner! Businesses (and their owners) need to have the ability to adapt, be creative, and be flexible.

I’ve been interested in business for as long as I can remember, starting with my babysitting business at age 12. In addition, to my own experiences, I have family, friends, and neighbors who have a variety of small businesses -- most working from their homes or have the ability to work from anywhere in the world with a phone, computer, and the internet.

Over the years, I've read a variety of terrific business books, but one that made a lasting impression on me and has inspired my life is Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

My ultimate life goals are to have FUN, enjoy life, and build solid businesses and investments to satisfy my financial needs.

CJ Business Ideas

If this is a path you’re interested in pursuing, let’s explore it together and discover our strengths, interests, and the many business ideas which will meet our own unique personal life goals.

Please Contact Me – I’d love to hear your ideas, thoughts, and questions. Thanks for joining the journey – YOU make good things happen!

Cathy Jorgensen

Colorado, USA

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