Starting A Mobile Massage Business

Starting a mobile massage business is a great way to provide remarkable services to your clients. 

From my perspective this is a wonderful health service that feels like such a luxury.

Massage is becoming much more mainstream as consumers (like me) recognize the holistic health benefits of this type of care and are finding ways to make this part of their routine health care rather than just a luxury experience once in a while.

One of my massage therapists was mobile – she came to my house! 

I love, love, loved her service!  It was terrific because I could enjoy a massage, be relaxed, and head to bed afterwards without the hassles of getting in the car and driving home. 

This is definitely a terrific experience! :)

When I discussed her business model with her, it was simple.

  • Lower overhead costs than renting space.
  • Her vehicle was used to transport her massage table/supplies to her client's homes or offices.  
  • No additional out-of-pocket costs to owners who might require a percentage of her income. 
Mobile Massage Therapy

Her clients loved her professionalism and flexibility in working with their schedules and this provided her with repeat business week after week, month after month, and year after year. . . 

Her business (like all businesses) started off slower, but over time she has built a loyal following.   Her clients schedule their massages on a regular basis. 

She has also now set-up space in her home for those who have the time and wish to travel to her, but most of her massage therapy business clients are met at their homes or offices.  

When starting a mobile massage business, you’ll want to determine if there is licensing requirements in your local area.  

As with other health professions, starting a mobile massage business can be physically challenging business so you’ll want to be in top physical health, have the strength required to deep tissue massage, take care of your personal health, and have the stamina to handle multiple massages each day.

One terrific way to grow your business over time, is to help educate your clients on the healing effects of massage -- use a couple of these resources to educate yourself and your clients.

  1. Solve Your Sleep Problems with Massage Therapy (Infograph)
  2. The Benefits of Massage (Infograph)
N2 - Niche Notes

Niche Notes!!

Being mobile will begin to set you apart from your competition, however, here are a few additional niche ideas as you're starting a mobile massage business:

1)  Take your mobile business one step farther and buy a motor home or RV and convert it into a “rolling” mobile massage therapy business.

2)  Provide your services in your home.

3)  Focus on seniors or the disabled.

4)  Offer massage services at your bed and breakfast.

5)  Start a blog about the benefits of massage or your experiences with your mobile massage therapy business.

6)  Bring along and deliver quality food and nutritional supplements to your clients.

7) Help your clients with personalized shopping -- bringing their items when you provide them with their massage.  Think about picking up some of those nice 800 count linens, massage oils/lotions they can use between your visits.

Starting a Mobile Massage Business -- What's It Take?


  • Massage therapy skills, education
  • Interest in health, muscle therapy, nutrition
  • Organization skills
  • Physical ability to provide multiple massages/day
  • Time Management

Resources:  Prior to starting a mobile massage business, you’ll want to purchase your own portable massage table and carrying cover.  In addition, a heated mattress pad or blanket is a nice touch to keep your clients warm.  You’ll want to purchase some soft linens (at least a few), however, we learned the hard way, when cotton sheets sit in a hot summer car with massage oil, they will catch fire.   OMG!! 

After the fire incident, my therapist started requesting each client provide their own sheets for this reason – which I was happy to do! Obviously if you’re mobile, you’ll also need some reliable transportation. 

Time Required:    5-20 hrs/week; can work full-time 30-40+ hrs/week

Training:  Check for massage schools in your local area and attend one of them to learn about the various techniques and health issues related this wonderful therapeutic treatment.

Market:  Professional business people, seniors, disabled persons, families 

Home Based:      Yes

Internet:              No

Location:              Local, Regional

Start-Up Costs:    $1,500 - $15,000

Minimizing Start-Up Costs:   Prior to starting a mobile massage business, you’ll want to compare schools and determine the best one for you.  I can share where I live there are no certification requirements and I’ve known of therapists who have chosen to take enough courses to get themselves working (to start making money) and finished their certifications over time. 

This may be a little harder, but may be a necessity depending on your time/financing constraints.  There is a great deal of information on the internet now which can keep you up-to-date in nutrition, exercise, physical therapy, etc.  

You may be able to find a used portable massage table and cover to keep your costs to a minimum.   Use your current transportation to get your business started.   Ask your clients to provide their own sheets – you can do this from a safety perspective based on the “fire” story above. Yikes!

As you're starting a mobiie massage business, think about how you might use both social media and/or texting to get the word out about your services.  If you have a cancellation, can you quickly fill the slot with a reduced fee and move someone quickly into the slot to make sure you don't miss out on potential income?

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